Dont love someone who makes you live longer

 Dont love someone who makes you live longer

I gradually found that I didnt know when to start, whether to fall in love or not had to be tangled up. Backstage readers often leave messages asking me, is it better to be in love or single?

I said: there is no comparability between the two.

Its like you are hungry, but you only have a bowl of rotten rice a few days ago;

Do you want to eat this meal? By contrast, being single is not as happy as being with the wrong person.

So, its not so good to be in love or single;

Over the years, I have witnessed too many feelings around me.

Also found a trend: divorced girls, more and more not poor..

Take Jia Jingwen for example. Her divorce was so hot that she fought for her childrens property. She was haggard. Now, she is favored by her husband, who is nine years younger, and looks radiant.

After 45 years old, she won the honor, everyone said she was several times more beautiful than before;

This can be said to be the credit of divorce.

The quality of marriage directly affects ones psychology and health.

With unsuitable people, make do with the ground, wasted their lives.

Its sweet and happy to be with the right person, but its a kind of health preservation;

Ive been abroad all year since I was a child. Im nearly 40 years old and Im not married.

As soon as his mother urged him to marry, he almost got it. He responded:

I want to live a few more years.

Its a joke, but its true:

To bump into the wrong person is like turning back your life.

In please put the actors in place, many people say its very kind to see Zhao Wei. Over the years, she has won many awards as an actress and singer, and her first film won the Hundred Flowers Award after transforming into a director. However, for the emotional life, but rarely mentioned, never used to hype. It turned out that Zhao Wei, 43, never took marriage as the focus of life: I keep my own independent personality and independent life; for me, my husband and I are partners or friends. I have seen my parents mode of getting along since I was a child, and I especially yearn for this kind of feeling: not to bind love, but to give each other the freedom to fly.

My mother likes reading books and making friends, but my father never stops her. Even after having me, my mother went to Beijing to study and asked questions. My father had no complaints for several days. If you are attracted to a person, please make her happy. Thats what he kept telling me. In emotion, many people are prone to a psychological disease called pathological symbiosis:

When we love each other, we coexist and use one body and mind together.

If you love me, you should be with me all the time. I love you, so you should like what I do.

In the end, demands and coercion often turn into a kind of control, and love becomes empty.

Why does a lot of love run out of freshness in the end?

The answer is: you unconsciously stop each other and become more interesting.

The store manager of my restaurant, 30, was so upset by the forced marriage at home. You cant meet the right person if you dont meet each other ten times.

Its only after chatting that her ideal model hasnt changed in ten years.

Should we really lower the standard of mate selection? She asked me when chatting. I shook my head and said:

What you need is to update the standard of mate selection, not to lower it.

If you get better and better, the people you couldnt see before will be even worse now;

No one works hard to get by in the end.

Think of yourself 10 years ago, which is quite different. The ideal type should be updated in time.

People who used to be in the appearance association may need a heart to understand you more. People who used to yearn for romance may love the stability of home more now;

Originally, I felt that I was not rich or married. At this moment, I only hope someone can protect myself from the wind and rain

As the definition of excellence changed, Peng Yuyan began to perform;

I also suggest that you change the gods and goddesses.

I used to talk with my mother, she said that she had a longing for love when she was young, but after I knew my father, I never thought about it again. When it comes to love, I only think of small things. For example, the dishes your father cooked last night are less delicious. However, I remember clearly that when she ate, she only said yes. The love that can last a lifetime cant help being vulgar; the love in simple food is no less than that in diamond gold. Some people are looking forward to 100% enthusiasm, and some people naturally enjoy half sugar doctrine;

There is no optimal solution to love. Only those who can bring you happiness deserve to love.

Just like every reading you point to the article, the right person will always understand your seriousness. As LV Xiucai said to Guo Furong, I like you more than Confucius, Mencius, Laozi and Zhuangzi all add up. Thats enough.