He used to be the king of speculation. He mistook himself for a hero for 30 years. Legend was incorporated into the textbook. Now hes late

 He used to be the king of speculation. He mistook himself for a hero for 30 years. Legend was incorporated into the textbook. Now hes late

In recent years, Li Ka Shing has been despised by hundreds of millions of people, even verbally criticized by domestic newspapers, regarded as king of speculation and the richest man without good deeds, and fell from the altar of divinity. When he retired for two years and was in his nineties, he was in a state of hopelessness.

A generation of business legends, a generation of business heroes, have they been pushed by the wall? Is it just that some netizens hate the rich? Is it the Chinese who are demanding him? Li Ka Shing recently explained to himself that Im just a businessman, Im talking about business.. Is it the Chinese who ask too much of Li Jiacheng, a businessman? Recently, RM daily and other major newspapers began to recall Li Ka Shings legendary life and redefine his business speculation. Im afraid Li Shoufu didnt expect to be named and criticized by the newspaper in his later years.

[1] make the last copper plate of real estate.

Monopolizing land resources, raising house prices and rents, earning high profits, and exploiting millions of XG people have been maintained for decades, which is impossible to last forever. XG house prices remain high, young people do not see the future, the foundation of the production industry is weak, all thanks to the real estate business led by Li Ka Shing, given.. Li Ka Shing, when the XG situation worsened, shouted at the young people to please the young BT elements. Be hit by domestic newspaper: producer does not earn the last copper plate, what is responsible for XGs future? Tear the veil of Li Shoufus two faced man.

[2] make every effort to extract profits.

Many of the thick black practices in the real estate industry were invented by the Li family. Li Ka Shing has surrounded most of the land in XG, hoarding land to wait for appreciation and selling money, which makes the bottom residents of XG very hot. Its just that real estate makes money. The Li family also invented tricks such as speculation of buildings, sale of houses in the future, and public stall area, to maximize the benefits of house buyers and make money without conscience. To this day, these patterns are still popular in China, making people cry.

In 2018, when the national economy encountered difficulties, Li Ka Shing ran. According to an article published in a major domestic newspaper, Li Ka Shing cant overcome difficulties together and doesnt have to stay. In 2019, Li Ka Shing made another wrong speech on the XG situation. As for these actions, someone took cover for Li Jiacheng, saying that the Li family was a businessman. If they were in business, they would go after making a profit. There is no wrong with speculating.

Both mainstream newspapers and righteous entrepreneurs have made a clear voice. Li family enjoys all kinds of preferential policies in China and earns a high return. When the national economy takes the initiative to callback, large-scale withdrawal is a kind of behavior of happy sharing, difficult to withdraw first. Although it cant be moral kidnapping, it also hurts the simple feelings of hundreds of millions of people.

Although the people cant kidnap a businessman morally, when the Li family has difficulties in the country, they are short of the motherland, and when the situation is severe, they fall down. Dont the people have the right to comment? We dont advocate wall down, people push, but the fact that he hurt peoples feelings is like a nail nailed into a board, even if it is pulled out, the scar is still there.