This is the most handsome winter coat. Most men dare not try it

 This is the most handsome winter coat. Most men dare not try it

And because the coat is decent.

Britains royal family has always been known for its decency and elegance, behind which are the dress manners that members of the royal family have always strictly observed. Every winter, when the royal family goes out of the street, they are all overcoats. From William and Harry, to Charles and Queen Elizabeth, they never took off their coats in public. Its decency is well deserved.

Although the coat is elegant and decent, it can be called a must for a handsome man, but not everyone can wear it well, the key is that it is always not important when selecting. Different coats have different internal structure and technology, corresponding to different silhouettes, and have different requirements and adaptability for human body.

Today, I specially list the corresponding body characteristics of different coats to help you pick out the right coat, and become the most handsome man in winter. Its no longer empty talk.

Common mens overcoats are X-shaped, A-shaped and H-shaped, which are described in turn below.

The x-coat is the most common and decent coat, which is relatively suitable for the standard body shape.

Its characteristic is that the circumference of the upper body and the lower part is close to almost equal width. Usually, some upright materials are used as shoulder pads to shape the shoulders, making the shoulders hard and strong. The waist should be properly folded to form an X shape.

This kind of coat is mostly of slim fit type, with moderate looseness and formal upper body effect.

We are familiar with 007 series films, which use this kind of coat to create the smart and capable image of James Bond.

The x-coat is suitable for the body with standard size and no obvious defects in proportion.

Due to the shoulder pad effect, it is also more friendly to people with slight shoulder slip. But for the healthy people, shoulder pads will shorten the distance from the head to the shoulder, which will be more visible in the visual sense. When choosing, you must look for thin shoulder pads.

Common x-coats are chesterfieldcoat chestfield coat, guards coat guard coat, Polo coat, and other styles evolved from these coats.

Here are their characteristics and how to match them.

The modern chesfield coat generally cancels the velvet decoration of the collar, and has single and double breasted, with cuffs and forks, and has 3-4 buttons like a suit, with flat back without any belt.

Generally, the single breasted chessfield is directly named as the single breasted coat in various brands, because the single breasted coat is the most prominent feature of it, which is very simple and generous visually without any publicity.

As a very versatile coat, there are many options for wearing it.

Choose blazer and gentry pants like Uncle Nick. Even with a dark blue coat, white shirt and dark tie, the formal feeling is gone. A pair of silver shiny sneakers makes the whole look cool.

A camel single breasted overcoat is also a good choice. Camel color gives people a warm and casual visual feeling, even with a suit, it will not be too formal and serious. T-shirt, mengke shoes, tapered wool pants can make the whole look handsome and chic.

There are also German training shoes popular in the gentry circle, which can also make this chessfield coat look young and energetic.

The jacket must not be too long, just between the waist and the crotch, to show the leg length. This kind of slightly sporty dress should not be too short in length. It should be slightly put on the vamp, with more flavor.

Polo coat

In the early days, Polo coats were made of camel hair, most of which were camel or beige. A warm overcoat worn by British polo players waiting to play, the silhouette is looser than other overcoats.

The style of modern Polo coat has changed from bathrobe with belt to more simple button decoration. However, the traditional Polo coat is still characterized by double breasted, large lapel collar, fold over cuffs, back half belt and waist big patch bag, which is invincible.

Even now, there are many choices in the color, material and texture of polo coat, and its iconic big pocket still hasnt changed.

At the beginning of its birth, Polo coat had a wide version. In modern society, few people would wear more warm clothes in the coat. Because of the change of the way of wearing, it also gradually becomes self-cultivation. However, wearing a moderately loose overcoat can best reflect mens demeanor.

Security coat

The style of guard coat is usually double row button gun lapel, fold over cuff, back half belt. Similar to military coats, but without epaulettes. As the name suggests, traditional guard coats are dark blue for professional reasons.

The guard coat is also very similar to the modern Polo coat in style. However, the Polo coat is marked by a classic camel color and a large waist pocket. This is also their most essential difference.

The guards overcoat comes with a sense of seriousness, which may give people the illusion that it is not easy to access. You can choose bright scarves, scarves as embellishment, not only coquettish, but also sexy, with affinity.

If you wear a tailored vest inside, its very aggressive.

The a-coat style is the most retro and casual, suitable for standard body and slight fat body.

It is called type a because shoulder pads are not usually used to avoid shoulder width and thickness and minimize shoulder volume. Almost do not do waist, hem is also wide, the overall a-word effect.

As there is no shoulder pad, the sleeves fall naturally with the human body, with smooth lines, and can visually lengthen the neck line, which is not only very good for the standard body shape, but also suitable for the round and strong body shape with short neck.

The most representative is balmacaan balmaken coat, which is characterized by raglan sleeve structure, single breasted, and Prussian collar.

Balmaken overcoat is not only retro in style, but also often appears in the pattern at the same time with Welsh king, thousand bird, herringbone and other very classic patterns. To create a unique image of a gentleman, the balmakan coat is a very good choice.

In winter, the balmakan coat will match the flannel or the heavy covert cavalry suit in material. When matching with leather shoes, try to choose suede leather shoes. Suede leather shoes are relatively casual, most similar to the style of balmaken coat.

Smart men can also use a pair of small white shoes and a round neck sweater with a balmaken coat to make the whole outfit look younger.

This is the coolest and most street coat, which is most suitable for tall and thin body.

Its biggest characteristic is no waist, the clothes are very wide, the shoulders are very wide, the effect of falling off the shoulders is obvious, and the contour is strong. It belongs to the typical oversize style. Due to the latest date of birth, there is no specific classic item name.

To challenge such a cool and street like overcoat requires a high figure, and a tall and thin body can best reflect its wearing effect. Especially for the thin body, it can cover the slight hunchback and other body problems caused by the thin body.

When wearing this kind of extremely wide clothing, it usually needs cool and young single products to match.

Slightly loose overalls, high top Martin boots and Chelsea boots are all good choices, which can create a wide visual effect and fully reduce age. When you wear it, you can tie the jumper in your pants, and it can also show your body proportion.

Its hard to walk in such a super large overcoat!

The above is the way to choose a coat according to your body shape. There is always one for you.

Its believed that some audience masters will ask, a down jacket is enough for me to wrap up all winter and knock code. Whats the point of all this useless stuff?

Yes, overcoat cant help you type 2 lines of code, 5 more requirements, and 3 more customers. It can bring you demeanor and decency in the cold winter, more unrestrained free and easy attitude, natural and generous demeanor, two word summary: natural and unrestrained.

Too many people may forget the unique temperament of this Chinese man.

Many people may be cool, may look good, but smart, always belong to a few people. They understand Li Bais soldiers who are natural and unrestrained, and Jiang Kuis calligraphy of natural and unrestrainedu2014u2014

In the cold wind, they put on their overcoats to walk steadily and confidently on the road. They are most handsome and elegant. Planning editor Wang Shuang, Han Zhi layout Xu man

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