Buying coats in autumn and winter, many people have ignored this!

 Buying coats in autumn and winter, many people have ignored this!

The bad guys in the studio were shouting at me all day, saying I had too many suits and coats. But I dont give up. EMM ~ because everything is different. In addition to the differences in color and design, the feeling of different versions of suits will be far from each other. A little longer, a little wider, a little closer... These subtle differences will affect the overall effect. And every one of my suits, the utilization rate is very high! A kind of

About the suit coat, I have written it several times before. But every time I write it, some people say that its good to see others clothes. Why do I wear it old-fashioned? It doesnt have to be about body temperament and photo editing. Probably because:

1. The version is not suitable. After making clothes by myself, I have a deep understanding of the importance of the pattern of clothes. A lot of clothes hang there, which may not make any difference to the naked eye, but once the upper body difference is reflected. A kind of

There are often students who think they are old-fashioned in suits. Maybe you didnt choose the right version. Like this picture, there are some differences in the three figures, such as collar, pocket, length and other details, so the style is different. A kind of

2. The version is right, but no matching is selected. Different versions of suits, some suitable for trousers, some suitable for skirt. A kind of

Different versions of suits may wear different ways. It was written before. Its very popular to wear a suit in this year. Some students think its incredible. In fact, there are some very narrow models. In addition, the fabric is thin. Its very nice to tie them in. See Liu Wens demonstration

Today, lets talk about who is suitable for different types of suits and coats, and some key points of matching. I hope to help you choose suits and coats that are suitable for you or wake up your wardrobe:

Over size suit

If you dont know what style to buy, just close your eyes and buy an overage suit. Its almost half of the sky in the street photos now, because its really versatile and doesnt pick people. This is also the most popular version in my own wardrobe.

Compared with the traditional slim suit, the shoulder line is slightly loose, the length covers the hips, not tight and not too loose, so its comfortable to wear. A kind of

This slightly loose version is also the most concealing and skinny, and it looks lazy but not too heavy. Its no exaggeration to say that its almost suitable for all kinds of bodies.

It can be worn by 158CM small person, big breast sister and pregnant mother without waistline. A kind of

Loose fit is not easy to look old-fashioned. Its the most versatile style in all suits. A kind of

For the overage suit, the small man thinks its too much weight, and some people think its fat or not smart to wear, which may be a misunderstanding of the meaning of overage. Its not a simple big one, but a fake big one.. When choosing, remember: the waist is loose, the length is over the hip, and the collar is wide and deep. But the shoulder line and sleeve length should be suitable. By contrast, the left side is the slim suit, the right side is the oversize, with different styles. But the shoulder sleeves are all right. A kind of

If you choose the right version, its easy to match it. When you dont know what to wear, choose white T-shirt / white shirt + jeans, all kinds of colors are suitable. A kind of

Change jeans into half skirts, another style. A kind of

Replace the skirt with a thicker one, and the shoes with boots. Its not afraid to be cold any more. A kind of

The dress with long sleeves inside is also very beautiful, but if you are worried about the size, the dress with long sleeves inside is better to highlight the waistline. A kind of

Its no small matter how many pieces you put on. For example, shirt + sweater. Miss Zhongs bright socks are very bright

Even the overage suit jacket can be covered with a cowboy jacket, which makes people look bright. Corduroy material is not afraid of being said to be like Grandmas single. A kind of

Oversize suits can be worn not only in daily life, but also in big scenes. The secret is to wear a whole set of pants. If you dont have one, you can choose the same color pants. The interior is the key, with bralette underwear, revealing a little edge is very sexy. A kind of

Most impressive: Womens suit

You may have found out. Ive been fascinated by big womens suits recently.

At the beginning of the year, when I wrote about the great womens style, I said that this style is the return of the retro design in the 1990s. The big feminine suit has a masculine silhouette, a strong shoulder pad, and an exaggerated silhouette, which is like stealing dads coat. A kind of

Womens suits are also oversize suits, but they are more pompous.. By contrast, on the left is an ordinary overage suit, and on the right is a large womens suit. A kind of

Yes, big womens suits are not only flashy, but also more selective, so tall and thin girls are easier to support. But I still love it because its advantages are outstanding. For people like me who like retro style, a single product can complete the whole bodys Retro degree. Its style and recognition are outstanding. A kind of

Moreover, there is no taboo for tall and thin people in collocation. Even if the upper and lower parts are all loose, they look supermodel. A kind of

So, did the hobbits have nothing to do with big ladies coats? Im very happy to tell you: its not a test! This Jean Paul Gaultier suit that I just bought in Milans antique shop a few days ago belongs to the big womens suit in the 1990s. It feels like I have a one meter eight Aura! A kind of

There are also tips for selection. Why do I want to look for big womens suits in antique shops? Because the 90s suit, in addition to the shoulder position has done shoulder pads to enhance the aura, the length is also longer, but will do different degrees of waist design to highlight the silhouette of the clothes. Unlike many big womens coats nowadays, they are all loose H-shaped, not friendly to small people. A kind of

Exposed legs with a pair of high-heeled shoes, no longer afraid of being crushed by the big womens coat. A kind of

Next time, I want to try it on silk skirt. Its more flexible and more stylish. The hobbits should be able to handle it

If you buy a loose fit, theres another way for hobbits to wear it, which is to add their own belt. But the waist is more prone to pleats. A kind of

The tall one can try to match with the wide leg pants. If the small one wants to match, it is suggested to work hard on the shoes and choose the taller one. A kind of

Its worth noting that the looser the suit, the more it can cover the flesh. The big womens suit is not very suitable for people with wide shoulders and more flesh on the upper body, so its easy to appear strong. A kind of

Classic: Slim Blazer

Suits that fit well are out of fashion these years. But I think many people have it. Its the most formal, easy to wear spiritually, but also easy to wear seriously.

Miss Watsons body is very classic. Her big red lips are very good. A kind of

But this kind of formal style is also the easiest to show old-fashioned. Several assistant chicks said they had bought it a few years ago, and now its idle.

Lets look at the version first.

By contrast, its shorter than the normal oversize, some are just above the crotch, the shoulder line is just right, and some are designed to close the waist. This kind of style will also be relatively selective, and it will not look good on Apple or pear shaped body. The advantage is that it will be higher and more streamlined. A kind of

Its easy to not be old-fashioned. When you buy it, you can choose some suits with bright colors and lively patterns, which will soon be young. A kind of

Or choose some cotton and hemp texture, more leisure. A kind of

In collocation, remember to avoid old-fashioned items.

Try it with cool and cool pieces. Such as small KK with leather pants. A kind of

Its refreshing to wear white pants. Without glasses, youll get more points

If you want a slim suit that is not old-fashioned, it is highly recommended to match it with a skirt. A kind of

Choosing a pleated skirt will also make it look more flexible. The color of sister stone is also very good. A kind of

It will be more old-fashioned to tie all the buttons on the tailored suit, but if it matches half skirt, it is another matter. OP is very elegant. A kind of

One of my tricks is to match the gauze skirt. The lightness of the gauze skirt can make the suit less serious

The light single-layer yarn skirt is also suitable for this kind of wear. The fabric contrast is vivid and swaying. A kind of

A suit with a small neckline can also be worn alone, which is not easy to go bare. Diors barjacket version is really good, especially thin spirit. But when the coat is open, it doesnt have that elegant taste.

Many people said that I was thin when I put this picture. Ha ha, in fact, its just that the waist closing design of this dress is particularly thin. A kind of

Most obvious height: ultra short suit

Ultra short coat is a new show in the past two years, and the most popular one is the ultra short suit. Look at what Liu Wen is wearing. Its only half the length of a long suit! Compared with the ordinary suit, it obviously looks more special and attractive. And you can optimize the scale. (its against the sky to optimize the proportion like Liu Wen!) A kind of

A lot of brands have come out. You should have seen all Zaras blockbusters. They were very popular at that time. A kind of

The key to the selection of short suits: shoulder pads but not too large, loose version but not too wide, short length but not too short. Ha ha, isnt it annoying? Look at the picture and compare it. The straight cylinder H-shaped spirit is larger than the left one. A kind of

But in fact, it is very slim, because it has no effect on the lower body, not very suitable for pear shaped body. Its more suitable for students with a more symmetrical figure. A kind of

Because of its short length, it can hardly protect the stomach and has poor warmth retention.

It cant be arbitrary. Its not very suitable for dresses. After wearing the skirt, the waistline will be covered, and the whole person looks like a bucket with a thick waist. A kind of

Its good partner is high waisted trousers. Many fashionable suits like to wear navel clothes, but they are not suitable for us. It is suggested to choose T-shirt, knitwear, shirt and so on in this season. A kind of

If the inside lapel is large enough, it can be turned out and worn to increase the sense of hierarchy. A kind of

Remember to tuck the bottom of the inner cover into your pants to keep your spirits clean. A kind of

From Rebecca:

Well, heres the key points and collocation of the suit version. I hope its useful for you. These days, its late again because of business trip. Lets not talk about it. Welcome to send me your nice suits. Regular card reminder: during the double 11, we will publish the list of winners in the sun list every day. Please remember to pay attention to it. When you see your name and head portrait, remember to reply winner in the background and fill in your contact information. The small gift will fly to you! (October 31) pineapple, m, Feiyang, Youyou, Tingmei and Mr. Jin are carrying bricks and pears in spring, occasionally marisu, modo and CICI

The winner of petition Guofeng concert ticket is: Hermione

Ill be here today. I wish you all the best in your style. See you tomorrow~

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