Car bomb attacks in Syrian northern border towns killed and injured many people

 Car bomb attacks in Syrian northern border towns killed and injured many people

Damascus, Nov. 2, Xinhua news agency, Syria, reported on Nov. 2 that a car bomb attack occurred in the northern Syrian border town of Taylor abyed that day, killing and injuring a number of civilians.

The explosion occurred in the northern Syrian town of Taylor abyed, which borders Turkey. A car with explosives was detonated in a local market, causing many civilian casualties and property damage.

At least 10 people were killed in the blast, including civilians and Turkish backed Syrian opposition militants, and 20 others were injured, according to the London based Syrian human rights watch.

Four people were injured in a car bomb attack on the 24th of last month.

On October 9, Turkish forces entered northern Syria to fight Kurdish forces, which they regarded as terrorist organizations. On the 13th, Turkey announced the occupation of the northern border town of Syria, Taylor ibjed. On the 17th, Turkey and the United States reached an agreement on the temporary ceasefire and the establishment of a security zone by Turkish forces in northern Syria. According to the memorandum of understanding signed by Turkey and Russia on 22 October, since 12 oclock on 23 October, Russian military police and Syrian border guards began to assist Kurdish armed personnel and equipment to withdraw to the area 30 kilometers south of the Turkish Syrian border within 150 hours. On the 29th, the Russian Defense Ministry said Kurdish forces had withdrawn from the security zone.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Li xiu nn2587