Russia again questions the death of Baghdadi and calls the head of is the product of America

 Russia again questions the death of Baghdadi and calls the head of is the product of America

Baghdadi (Reuters)

Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview that Baghdadi, the leader of Islamic state, is the product of the United States, and whether he has been cleared has not been confirmed. Even if he was really dead, the Americans just cleaned up what they had spawned.

Russias defense ministry has commented on the Baghdad incident, Lavrov said in an interview with international watch, Russias 24 television station, Tuesday, according to the Russian satellite news agency Moscow. We want more information. Everything went on in a grand way and was announced in the form of cheers, but our military continues to study the facts. After all, most of what the United States says cannot be confirmed.

Lavrov added that Baghdadi is a product of the United States and that if this happens - after all, Baghdadi has been declared dead many times, it could be a positive step given his negative role in building the Islamic state and trying to build the caliphate state.

The Islamic state came into being when the United States invaded Iraq, the Iraqi state collapsed and the extremists held by the Americans were released, Lavrov said. So, in a way, if it does happen, Americans are just clearing out what theyve spawned.

According to the previous news, US President trump announced on October 27 that Baghdad Di killed himself in a US military operation against him in the northwest of Syria on the night of October 26. Trump said it was a great day for the United States, which had achieved incredible victories and thanked Turkey, Russia, Iraq, Syria and Syrian Kurds for their help.

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