Kuva really changed? Two saves + three games without losing the ball

 Kuva really changed? Two saves + three games without losing the ball

Real Madrid can return to the top of the table if they win this game. They launched a fierce attack in the whole game and the whole team shot 22 times. But Betis is not without counter attack, they have a total of 13 shots in the game, but can not break the goal of kurtuva. Kurtuva had a wonderful save in the first half and the second half, and won the praise of the media and fans.

In the 45th minute of the game, varane stopped the ball in the backcourt, and fakir snatched the ball off. After taking the ball, Morten, the Betis striker, directly shot from a long distance, and the football flew to the far dead corner of the goal. At this time, kurtuva made a flying save while turning back, and bravely saved the ball out of the bottom line, avoiding Real Madrid losing the ball at the end of the first half.

In the 82nd minute of the second half of the match, Betis fought back, fikir broke through the front court and volleyed with his left foot, and kurtuva flew again to save the ball. These two saves won the applause of the Real Madrid fans, and after the game, as also said, kurtuva made a great contribution, he saved the first half of the shot of Mullen, the second half saved the shot of fikir, to avoid Real Madrid losing the ball. Its a pity that the excellent performances of kurtuva and Azar didnt bring real madrid victory

Kurtuva made only eight saves in the first nine rounds of the Spanish League this season, ranking the 21st in the Spanish goalkeeper, when he was criticized. However, in Real Madrids 1-0 away win over Galatasaray in the Champions League, kurtuva made three wonderful saves to keep the goal intact. In the last round, Leganes kurtuva also did not lose the ball, while kurtuva made three saves again in this game, which has been three consecutive matches without losing the ball, and the state has improved significantly.

After the match, Real Madrid coach Zidane praised, kurtuvas performance is very positive, we keep the ball, which is good news. Kurtuva said, its good for the goalkeeper not to lose the ball, but I prefer the team to win 3-2 or 4-3 to get 3 points. We fought until the last minute, we played well overall, created a lot of opportunities, but failed to score. As one of the best goalkeepers, I always have high expectations. I accept this challenge and work hard without being influenced by external comments. Now the strength of other Spanish teams is improving, and the strong team may lose to any opponent

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