Big door overturns night! West super 3 strong score 2 goals 5 big leagues only big win

 Big door overturns night! West super 3 strong score 2 goals 5 big leagues only big win

The worst club tonight is Bayern. Boateng was sent off early and Bayern lost 1-5 away to Frankfurt. This fiasco may even lead to the early dismissal of Kovac.

In La Liga, the top three teams of Xi Chao failed to break the goal. Barca 1-3 was reversed by Levant, the Rossoneri lost three of their first six away games, which set the worst record since the 2002 / 03 season. Real Madrid drew 0-0 at home by Betis, the worst defensive player in the league. Diego Costa missed a penalty, which led to Atleticos draw with Sevilla.

The Western super 3 only scored two goals together, but Barcelona, who lost, still led the way. Barcelona Real Madrid have 22 points, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla have 21 points. Barcelona are ahead of Real Madrid by three goals. Granada, who has 20 points, will play on Sunday, surpassing Barcelona to the top of the table if the promoted horse can beat Real Sociedad.

In the Premier League, although Liverpool and Manchester City have both won, they are both in the final moment of the difficult 2-1 reversal. Arsenal have been beaten by wolves. A 1-1 draw with wolves is a big blow. Chelsea beat bottom team Watford 2-1 and Manchester United lost 1-0 to Bournemouth.

In Serie A, Roma, inter and Juventus all won, but only one. Roma beat Napoli 2-1 after missing a penalty. Inter beat Bologna 2-1 away from home and Lukaku scored a penalty at the last minute. Juve beat Turin 1-0 with derrechts first goal, but the handball in the area of derrecht was also missed by the referee.

In France, there are no big clubs that can win. Marseille beat Lille 2-1, while Lyon beat Toulouse 3-2 with the last-minute winner of depe. If you take into account the great Paris, which played in the early hours of yesterday morning, the result of this round will be even worse. In the face of Dijon, the deputy squad leader, Paris was defeated 1-2.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Li Xiaotian, ns6473