Emery: Ozil works hard and excels

 Emery: Ozil works hard and excels

In the last round of the Premier League, Arsenal captain zaca abused his fans. In this game, emmeri didnt call zaca into the squad, while obamayan put on the captains armband. Obamayan scored a goal for Arsenal in the 20th minute. According to the mirror, emery hinted after the game that obamayan might replace zaca as the teams first captain.

At that time, a reporter asked emmeri, will obamayan become the first captain now? Emmeri replied, hes one of the captains of the team, he can, I think he can take the responsibility, and today he did well. But we have to first analyze the situation of the game, and then make a decision based on the situation of the next game. Its not surprising to see him as captain, said Premier League star savage. Obamayan is Arsenals best player and most influential player

In this game, Ozil started and played the whole game. This is Ozils second start in the Premier League this season. Emmeri praised his performance. He works hard and performs well. I think he plays a positive role in the team, which is an important step for him. Im happy to be in the Premier League again, but Im not happy with the result of this home game, Ozil said on social media. Theres a lot more to do. We have to keep our heads up.

In this game, Arsenal have only 10 shots and 4 shots, while wolves have 25 shots and 8 shots. If it is not for goalkeeper leno to save many times, Arsenal may not even be able to hold the draw. At present, Arsenal have fallen out of the Champions League in the Premier League, and many Arsenal fans have targeted manager emmeri. There were Arsenal fans shouting emmeri out at home and fans booing their players.

The famous Arsenal fan twitter account @ arseblog launched a fan vote to let everyone vote should emmeri leave school? At present, nearly 40000 fans have participated in the voting, of which 89% choose to fire emmeri immediately, 5% choose to give him a little more time, and 6% choose to let him coach until the end of this season. Its clear that now emeris call to leave school is growing louder.

The results are really disappointing, said emmeri. The players have tried very hard to win, we have advanced the first goal, but we need a second goal to improve our confidence. Wolves played well in the game, it was a close match, but maybe we should have got more. Im disappointed because we lost points at home as we did last season. The players feel the responsibility to win, and when we play normally, they are also very sad

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