World Junior Championship - Japans 1-0 top team, East Asian double

 World Junior Championship - Japans 1-0 top team, East Asian double

At 4 a.m., South Korea took the lead. Within one minute of the opening, the South Korean team broke the door. South Koreas left corner cross caused confusion, and Bai Shangxun shot in the middle of the penalty area.

In the 30th minute, South Korea expanded its lead. Yu Jishengs right corner pass, Hong Shengxus back point header shot, the ball hit the crossbeam and bounced into the net.

In the 41st minute, the Chilean team pulls back a goal, the aolos forbidden area left foot low shoots the far angle to break the goal. In the end, South Korea won 2-1 and scored 6 points to qualify as the second in the group.

At 7 oclock this morning, the match between Japan and Senegal kicked off. As the first two games 1 win 1 draw basically determine the qualification, the Japanese team has carried out personnel rotation in this game, the midfielder core Nishikawa run until the 65th minute was replaced, the result is Nishikawa run for the Japanese team scored the only goal of the whole game. 83 minutes when Fujita let him send a direct pass, the left side of the xichuanrun restricted area single low shot.

Japan scored 7 points to be the first in the group, Senegal scored 6 points to be the second in the group, and the two teams went out together.

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