Future conference of Netease 2019 will be held in Hangzhou from November 23 to 24

 Future conference of Netease 2019 will be held in Hangzhou from November 23 to 24

This conference consists of a main forum (hard technology) and four special forums (5g fusion, blockchain + real economy, future netred and future digital life). Kip S. Thorne, 2017 Nobel Laureate in physics, Guo guangcan, one of the pioneers and leading scientists of quantum optics in China and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. confirmed their attendance at the conference.

Cutting edge sharing: Cosmic boundary, quantum entanglement

Black holes, gravitational waves, time travel Since the publication of Einsteins general relativity, people have a lot of questions about the mystery and truth of the universe. For half a century, major countries in the world have been launching various kinds of exploration instruments into space, trying to further acquire the information hidden in the deep air.

Future conference of Netease 2019 invited Kip S. Thorne, 2017 Nobel Laureate in physics, to attend the conference. He will give a keynote speech and participate in round table discussions on issues of concern to people. What information and views he will bring are expected. Thorne is one of the worlds leaders in the field of astrophysics under general relativity, and also the main initiator of the laser interference gravitational wave observatory (LIGO). LIGO has directly captured and detected the existence of gravitational waves in the universe three times in human history, and discovered the largest black hole merger event to date in 2018.

On October 23, Google published a paper in nature, the worlds top magazine, reporting that it has successfully demonstrated quantum hegemony - the task that it takes a quantum system about 200 seconds to complete a traditional supercomputer in 10000 years. Generally speaking, Google has taken a step towards the realization of quantum hegemony of quantum computer, which has touched the nerves of the global industry.

In the context of the second quantum revolution, major countries in the world are trying to lead in the competition of quantum technology. Chinas development in the field of quantum communication attracts peoples attention. At this meeting, Guo guangcan, one of the founders and leading scientists of quantum optics in China and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to give a keynote speech to share the dynamics and progress of quantum science. In recent years, academician Guos team has made efforts in the field of quantum computer and successfully developed the quantum computer control system. He is also one of the earliest pioneers in the industrialization of quantum technology in China.

Guo guangcan, quantum information scientist and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hottest discussion: 5g, block chain

In the future conference of Netease 2019, the 5g special session forum and the blockchain forum have been specially set up.

On June 6, 2019, China issued 5g commercial license; on October 31, 5g commercial was officially launched, and operators launched 5g package. The curtain of 5g era has been opened, which has an unlimited impact on society and economy.

2019 Netease future conference will hold a special 5g forum, inviting academicians, operators, terminal manufacturers, application manufacturers, investors, etc. to discuss the opportunities and challenges of 5g era.

In October 24th, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, emphasized that we should regard the block chain as an important breakthrough in the core technology innovation, define the main direction of attack, increase investment, tackle a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the development of block chain technology and industry innovation.

How can blockchain technology play a greater role in building a strong network country, developing digital economy and helping economic and social development? 2019 Netease future conference will set up a special blockchain forum to invite academicians, financial officials, blockchain technology experts, Internet giant blockchain principals, investors, blockchain quasi Unicorn company founders, etc. to discuss the development path of blockchain.

5g. The changes brought by blockchain to the economy will be the most concerned topic in 2019 and 2020.

The most people friendly collision: how will numbers change lives?

From the primitive life of drinking blood to the high-tech era full of Internet and AI, human beings have experienced thousands of years of lifestyle evolution. There is no doubt that the technological changes have profoundly changed peoples life style.

Without cash, you can travel all over the city; stay indoors, you can also receive the guidance of famous teachers; free your hands, you can also drive fast; smart city, the era of Internet of all things has come.

On the morning of November 24, this Netease future conference specially set up a future digital life special session, inviting the most fashionable business operators, the founder of Unicorn company, the shaper of avant-garde technology, and senior technical experts of various industries to focus on the close relationship between digital technology and daily life, and discover and explore the impact of digital technology on todays life Change, explore how technology will change the way people live in the future.

Netease future conference is the upgraded IP of the five Netease future technology summit. After six years of development, Netease future technology summit has become one of the most influential conferences in the field of science and technology. In the wave of new technology and new economy, Netease technology keeps pace with the pulse of the times, builds a platform for future science and technology conference, focuses on the dynamics, trends and achievements in the field of large science and technology, shows the thoughts, voices and insights in the field of Pan science and technology, contributes constructive wisdom and initiative to the era of digital economy, and finds new forces and energy with vitality.

The rapid change of science and technology is changing the material world, affecting public life and thinking. About the future, Netease future conference, want to explore with you.

In the late autumn, we invite you to join us on a digital economy trip.

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