Gloria Tang was still eating fried chicken before going to the red carpet? Yagebang won two awards

 Gloria Tang was still eating fried chicken before going to the red carpet? Yagebang won two awards

Eating fried chicken in front of the red carpet

In the red carpet ceremony, Deng Ziqi appeared at the scene with a simple shawl and long hair and a black shirt look. She turned into a modern cool girl in minutes, with a sweet red lip and a confident smile. Before the red carpet ceremony officially started, Deng Ziqi posted a group of photos of himself eating fried chicken on social network, and added, before walking on the red carpet, you must have enough! In the photo, Deng Ziqi is holding fried chicken and eating it quickly, which makes netizens across the screen have a big appetite. Many netizens have said: can female stars eat like this? As expected, a good figure is willful! This leads to heated discussion.

Deng Ziqi also performed her popular hit the devil from heaven on the scene that night. On the stage, she changed into a white lace skirt and sang online as always, presenting a super burning audio-visual feast for the audience, which directly led the scene atmosphere to the climax. After watching the live broadcast, many netizens praised his singing skills very well, which is comparable to walking CDs. At the same time, they did not forget to tease Deng Ziqi about the topic of eating fried chicken, as expected, before going to the stage, we should eat enough..

Deng Ziqi easily won two awards: the most popular singer of the year

Deng Ziqi not only presented a stunning performance in the grand ceremony, which made the audience satisfied. That night, she also reaped two annual awards. This Septembers new work almost girl won the annual media recommendation single. This rap song, adapted from Deng Ziqis own words, is a work that criticizes the current social material desire kidnapping in the form of music and appeals to women to live themselves and become independent and powerful. As soon as the songs are online, they quickly occupy the list of major music platforms. They are very popular. Many fans express that they find strong resonance in the songs and draw full positive energy.

In addition, Deng Ziqi also won the most heavyweight award of the year, the most popular singer of the year. In his speech, Deng Ziqi not only thanked the fans for their support for many years, but also revealed that the new album will not let you down, this will be a new start for me, new styles and new attempts are all about my fans creation, with full marks for fans.

Deng Ziqis creation has continued this year. Not long ago, her theme song walkon water for the classic sci-fi film Terminator: dark destiny in China was also on line. She talked about the creation inspiration of this song for many times, saying that it was inspired by an animal called Jesus Lizard in the world. They can walk on the water to escape in times of crisis. Deng Ziqi Chess wants to encourage people in trouble to face up and never give up.

It is reported that Deng Ziqis latest album is in the process of production. This new album, which is produced by her own arrangement, will come online at the end of the year. What kind of mysterious universe will Deng Ziqi build with music? Its worth looking forward to.