Whats the origin of British media that can intercept the leaked emails exclusively?

 Whats the origin of British media that can intercept the leaked emails exclusively?

Cristiano Ronaldo did not face legal sanctions for an accident in the United States 10 years ago, but the sun was able to prove that his DNA matched the evidence left behind at the scene of the crime.

u2014u2014Largest sales in the UKu2014u2014

The above two paragraphs are the latest report of the sun on the sexual assault of Ronaldo a few days ago.

According to the sun, there are more than 100 pages of emails leaked between the police and the prosecution, and the sun [exclusively] learned the contents of the leaked emails, including the fact that Ronaldo had made it clear to his lawyer that when he had a close relationship with the woman, he heard the woman shouting stop and dont, and that Ronaldos DNA matched the DNA extracted by the police from the victims body.

The familiar style of the Sun newspaper has made it difficult to distinguish the true from the false. It is not clear how these emails are leaked and how they are [exclusive] leaked to the Sun newspaper. However, by studying the leaked emails, the Sun newspaper has made a lot of profits. Even though Ronaldos sexual assault case has been closed in the United States, even though Ronaldo himself said in a TV interview that the repeated media coverage of his sexual assault case made him at a loss when facing the next generation.

Yes, this newspaper specializing in the gossip of celebrities is the newspaper with the largest sales volume in the UK, surpassing the times and the daily mail, the originator of tabloids.

The boundary between the so-called big newspaper and small newspaper in Britain is very clear. Big newspapers like the times use large open paper to print. The layout of the small newspaper is half of that of the big newspaper. The big newspaper usually focuses on serious political and economic news, while the small newspaper is more keen on frivolous news and gossip. In September, according to a reading survey published by the sun, the number of paper newspaper subscribers and electronic newspaper subscribers exceeded 32.8 million, with 5.4 million more readers per month than their competitor, the daily mirror.

Despite the amazing sales volume of the sun, the sun has never been a good bird in the British intelligentsia, because in addition to its boastful front page content, its famous three page girl has never been able to enter the eyes of the intelligentsia.

Since Murdoch bought the sun in 1969, three editions of girls have appeared in each issue as a fixed welfare page of the sun. The three page girl, as the name implies, is the sexy girl on the third page of the newspaper. In 1970, the sun published the first three page girl in the history of British newspapers who was completely naked. Since then, the way of the three editions of girls has become more and more cross-country, which is positively related to the sales volume of the sun. After the appearance of the three editions of girls with bare upper body, the sales volume of the sun doubled in one year. In the 1970s, the sun sold 2.5 million copies each time it was published.

The first naked model in British newspaper history

But the unspoken act of selling meat has also aroused the dissatisfaction of feminists and elites. After all, as a national commercial newspaper, the audience of the sun cannot be clearly classified. Yorkshires Library took the lead, cancelling its subscription to the sun, and then feminists gathered in front of the suns office building to denounce pornography as encouraging sexual abuse.

Feminists boycott the sun

But the more discontented the intellectuals are, the more popular the masses will be. According to the survey, more than 50% of truck drivers in the UK are loyal fans of the sun, especially in the south of the UK. The sales volume of the sun in the blue collar is five times that of its competitor, the mirror, and its loyalty and communication among the blue collar are obvious.

u2014u2014Broken valuesu2014u2014

Absolute flow supremacy is the only principle of the sun. In this regard, the Sun newspaper adheres to the consistent values, but this value is really a little hard to say.

The sun doesnt care about stealing celebrity privacy, although some means are on the edge of the law. And no matter where Ronaldos leaked email came from (or perhaps not at all), the sun was exposed by a tearing up incident last month around the English ladies group.

Corinne, the wife of former England captain Wayne Rooney, has been suffering from privacy disclosure for many years. She doesnt know how the instagram content of private release and only visible to friends appears in the front page of the sun. After thinking for several times, she thinks its Rebecca, the wife of Wayne Rooneys England team mate VALDI, who leaked her private content to the sun , Colleen tweeted a long article condemning Rebecca, and Rebecca countered that she had no reason to sell Colleens privacy.

But just when the two ladies quarreled with each other, the Sun newspaper, the center of the incident, reported the gossip of Colleen and Rebecca in an all-round way like no one else, and even the picturesque details of their private tearing by the insiders around Colleen and Rebecca.

Without any explanation, apology and introspection, the sun behind the two women is like a smiling clown, laughing at the two people who are tearing each other and constantly harvesting traffic.

The suns column on this matter even compared Colleen and Rebecca to the red and blue corners of the ring, and called Colleens private release useless. The media all over the world would do this. Its better to keep silent if you want to avoid being spied.

But if you think the bottom line of this tabloid is just to expose privacy, its a big mistake. In September, the front page headline of the sun [exclusive] reported the details of the shooting massacre of Englands cricket superstar Ben Stokes family 31 years ago. Ben Stokess father killed his two children because he was dissatisfied with his broken relationship with his wife. At that time, Ben Stokes, who was only two years old, survived, but his brother and sister died in his own fathers Under the gun, his mother suffered a lot.

Originally, the family was gradually forgetting the pain to welcome the new students. However, a report by the sun immediately caused a great stir in Britain. Before the sun, few Englishmen knew about the tragedy in New Zealand, but overnight, the family was forced to recall and review the past.

The sun headline Ben Stokes story

Ben Stokes said afterwards: for the past 30 years, my family and I have been suffering from great mental trauma and trying to protect our past privacy. But this Saturday the sun sent a reporter to my mothers house to question her about the details of the incident. If you dont think its bad enough, what are they doing with our painful past on the front page? What happened in the past made my mother live in great pain for the rest of her life, and they decided to report it again, just like seriously hurting her heart again.

Ben stoke wrote a long article attacking the sun

Ben Stokess comments have been supported by many celebrities on social platforms. For many years, British celebrities have lived under the supervision of tabloid paparazzi. There is no privacy to speak of, let alone this kind of eye-catching explosive theme. But at the same time, where is the boundary of the value orientation of news report? In last years high score drama the distance between us and evil filmed by HBO Asia, the female chief editor of the TV station suffered from the choice of whether she should report the social events that will bring high ratings but make her conscience uneasy.

The discussion about journalism ethics initiated by Ben stoke is not over.

But here in the sun, there seems to be a consensus of no conscience among senior executives and employees. After Ben Stokes voice, the suns top management publicly replied that the report could be completed by the relevant parties providing clues, the accident was real, and we have informed Ben Stokes before publishing, he didnt say anything to us that cant be reported.

I cant find words to describe such low and despicable behavior. Only chasing money and sales, not caring about the harm to others. Ben Stokes wrote.

u2014u2014Get out of Liverpoolu2014u2014

On April 19, 1989, the front page of the sun published a long story called the truth, which was the stampede of fans across the UK just four days ago at Hillsborough stadium. Four days ago, Liverpool fans went to the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield to watch the semi-final of the FA Cup. Due to the traffic jam, many Liverpool fans arrived at the stadium near the kick-off, according to the Convention, the fans should not enter at this time. But the police on duty still opened the gate of the visiting team and put in the fans. In a few minutes, thousands of fans swarmed in, including the gangsters who didnt buy tickets to follow them.

Congestion at Hillsborough

The tragedy finally happened with the crowded fan passage, the barbed wire in front of the stands and the fans still pouring in. The fans in the front row were squeezed into the barbed wire, and behind them were other fans who still hoped to rush into the stadium before the game began. In the chaos and disorder, the police still only identified it as a football hooligans skirmish and did not stop it. The vast crowd rushed to the front passively, and the fans who fell to the ground suffered the trample of nearly ten thousand people, and died in despair even unable to struggle.

The stampede continued to intensify, but police refused to open the home team stand to Liverpool fans. Aware of what happened, Liverpool fans began to give first aid. They spontaneously opened the space and carried the bodies to the open space of the stadium. Some people suffered from urinary incontinence and vomiting in the process of squeezing, while others suffered from mental problems in the process of overcrowding. The stampede killed 96 people and injured 766. Liverpool fans who had experienced the accident suffered from severe depression. On the anniversary of the Hillsborough accident in 2015, the fans chose to commit suicide. The brother of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard also died in the accident.

At the scene of the accident, Liverpool fans started to help themselves

But in the suns report, Liverpool fans staged a group of Psychedelic disgusting despicable behavior. Three headlines on the front page of the sun said that at the time of the tragedy, there were still Liverpool fans who mixed in and tried to touch the wallet of the dead in the chaos, some football hooligans who drank too much peed on the dead and the police, and others dragged out the young girl who died on the spot and sexually assaulted her body. Each of these three headlines is enough to explode, enough for people around the world to condemn the evil of the Scousers.

The current front page of the sun called truth

It is reported that the title of the front page of this issue, truth, was decided by Mackenzie, the editor in chief of the sun at that time. He hesitated for a long time between lies and truth. Even other editors of the newspaper thought the truth was unthinkable. But because of Mackenzies authority, no one dared to question him. In the end, Mackenzie decided to use truth and tried to make readers all over the country believe it What they report is the truth.

As soon as the current newspaper was published, Liverpool people began to protest. Everton, who always regarded Liverpool as the enemy of the city, also stood by Liverpool. More than 300 Liverpool newsstands and supermarkets refused to sell the sun. The sign at the door of the press conference held by the families of the victims said: no access to the sun. The sales volume of the sun in the Liverpool area At one point, it was close to zero.

Liverpool boycott the sun

In 1993, McKenzie apologized for reporting the Hillsborough incident at the request of Rupert Murdoch, but suddenly changed his mind when he left the sun in 2006. I apologized because Rupert Murdoch ordered me to do it, but I didnt regret that decision at that time, and I still dont regret it today, he said

Under the lies of public opinion and police, Hillsboroughs decision remained that fans trampled on each other until the new millennium. That is to say, Liverpool fans who died in the stampede on the same day were not only the victims, but also the perpetrators. For decades, Liverpool fans and even Liverpool people have been living in the shadow of this football tragedy, but it took a turn in 2012. The reason for the British courts decision to change the accident was the negligence of the police on that day. On the day of sentencing, the families of the victims who stayed in the court cried and hugged each other. It took them 28 years to prove their innocence for their deceased relatives. Cameron, then British Prime Minister, personally apologized to the families of the victims of the tragedy. Seeing the situation change, the sun, once a dead man, began to apologize to Liverpool fans for being politically correct.

After the truth came out, the Sun newspaper published a headline called the real truth and slapped itself

To this day, the suns reporters are still banned from Anfield, as well as the home of other teams in the Liverpool area, and their newspaper sales in the Liverpool area are very low. Even the sun itself derided the Liverpool area as foreign to them.

Its hard to say that the sun hasnt done a right thing. The British media have been proud of the fourth level for many years. In front of the undifferentiated news reports, the western media have made great contributions to the supervision of society and the maintenance of justice. Only in todays increasingly profit-seeking and no means to fight for attention, the sun is really for the media colleagues who are still struggling for the real truth.

Thirty years after the Hillsborough accident, British political commentator Chris Holly wrote in his column: looking back on April 15, 1984, it was not only the death of 96 lives, but also the disappearance of trust between the mass media and the public.

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