Betis handball escape point? Real are not satisfied with experts: no point no problem

 Betis handball escape point? Real are not satisfied with experts: no point no problem

In this game, Real Madrid has the advantage, with 63% ball control rate. The team shot 22 times, 7 of which were shot right, while Bettis only shot right three times, but Real Madrid still cant break the goal of the other side. In addition to Real Madrids own lack of ability to seize the opportunity, there are also some controversial decisions in the game. Especially in the 81st minute, Bettis defender fedal had handball in the penalty area, but the referee did not make a decision.

At that time, Benzema took the ball and passed it near the bottom line on the left side of the penalty area. Fedal fell to block it, but touched the ball with his right hand, which obviously changed the flight path of the football. Real Madrid players have raised their hands to the referee to signal handball, but the referee ignored it. Until one minute later, the referee received a warning from the VaR referee, but he still decided that the handball was not a penalty, which caused boos from Real Madrid fans at Bernabeu.

We are supporters of VaR technology, which is a very good technical means to help solve the situation that the referee did not see, said Real Madrids senior director, butragno. It was an obvious handball in the game. We were confused about the final decision. I dont know why var sometimes made such a decision, sometimes so. At that time, the other players obviously hit the ball with their hands in the forbidden area. Real Madrids official TV station has repeatedly replayed the handball scene, and commentator Carlos has also raised questions about it.

But experts think its right that the handball doesnt judge penalty. According to the rules of FIFA, when a player falls down, the supporting hand doesnt judge penalty when he touches the ball without moving. Oliver, an expert referee in the Marca newspaper, said: fedals handball should not be awarded a penalty. Because he was making a natural support movement, unconsciously handball However, former Spanish referee itulard told as, handball is true, but penalty cannot be awarded because the player touched the ball with his supporting hand when he fell. If he had hit the ball with his left hand, it would have been a penalty

And Real Madrid coach Zidane said, I saw the other players handball in the penalty area, but the referee has made a decision, I dont want to comment more, the referees decision must be respected. Real Madrid captain Ramos also said, Fidel has handball in the penalty area, I can see it clearly. But the power of interpretation belongs to the referee, who is the one who makes the decision.

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