Taiyuan implements the strictest dog keeping order media: forcing civilized dog keeping by system

 Taiyuan implements the strictest dog keeping order media: forcing civilized dog keeping by system

On November 1, the new edition of the regulations of Taiyuan Municipality on the administration of dog keeping, known as the strictest dog keeping order, was implemented, which attracted attention. According to the new regulations, when carrying dogs out of the house in key management areas, a leash shall be used for dogs, and the length shall not exceed 1.2m, otherwise a fine of 50 yuan will be imposed.

Nowadays, there are more and more urban families with dogs, and more people like dogs and are willing to keep them. From a personal point of view, they are the company of life and the comfort of spirit, and from a social point of view, they can not be regarded as a symbol of civilization and progress. However, this civilization has not yet risen to the public sphere. More and more pet dogs are kept, but the quality of civilized dog keeping is not keeping up with it. Therefore, the incidents of injuries occur from time to time, which affect the harmony of the neighborhood and often lead to violence.

The discussion about civilized dog keeping has become a commonplace, and the reason why Taiyuan new policy has been paid more attention is that it is called the strictest dog keeping order, perhaps because its provisions are more detailed and operational. For example, not only should a leash be worn when walking a dog, but its length should not exceed 1.2m. For example, if you take a dog in a residential elevator, you should avoid the peak period and hold it in your arms or wear a muzzle for the dog. These Regulations are very detailed and necessary.

If you want to be a good dog owner, you should obey the rules first. This is a clear signal released by the new policies on dog keeping in all regions, including the most stringent dog keeping order in Taiyuan. In economic terms, dog keeping behavior has negative externalities. Just as drivers do not obey the rules when driving, what is affected is not only the driver himself, but also the dog keeping behavior. It protects the dog owners rights as well as the rights of others not to be harassed and hurt.

In this regard, the most strict dog keeping order may be stricter. It is necessary to establish a more systematic law enforcement system to regulate the behavior of dog owners, so that the dog owners can feel the authority of law enforcement and the pain of violations. Its uncivilized behavior can also be linked with personal credit. Or deduct points according to the regulations, and limit their dogs after deduction. In case of malignant injury or other adverse events, even life-long prohibition.

We should not only resort to morality, but also hope that the quality of dog owners can be improved by themselves. This is a very meaningful legislative issue. On the basis of summarizing the actual effect of local most strict dog keeping order, it may be necessary to launch relevant laws and regulations at the national level.

Source: new Beijing News Author: Shu Shengxiang editor in charge: Hua Chengyu