Arsenal got 25 more shots! Emmeri fans change players and concede in 3 minutes

 Arsenal got 25 more shots! Emmeri fans change players and concede in 3 minutes

Wolves are the top killers in the Premier League last season, including the 3-1 win over Arsenal. Emmeri is very afraid of his opponents. Although zaca is unable to play because of the well-known reasons, he still has three back midfielders to block the transmission of the pass from Mourinho and Nevis to the three forwards. The front court mainly relies on Ozil to plan a quick counterattack to create opportunities. But wolves still shot six times in the first 15 minutes after the start of the game, when Arsenal didnt pass a few times to the opponents forbidden area.

Wolves three back formation has a gap between defenders and wingers. David Luis used the sudden dribble to break through and play the opponents position in the cross. Lakazette and obamayan, the good friends, made the 50th goal of the United States sheeps arsenal. A period of time before and after the goal was also the best stage for Arsenals performance. In the 32nd minute, lacazette also had a chance to score.

After a long time, Arsenal began to develop the health ball mode. Even Ozil, who should organize the attack, came back to the backcourt to help defend and counterattack. The game turned into a strange situation where wolves constantly created opportunities and Gunners tried to defend three points. Its hard to know who is the stronger side. In any case, wolves, who shot 25 times in the whole field, should not have lost the game. In the 90th minute, Ruota once took the ball to the forbidden area and kicked a very threatening shot. If it wasnt for leno to attack Arsenal in time, it would have been impossible to even draw.

Arsenal cant win two draws and one loss in three consecutive rounds after the draw. In addition, there is only one win in the league in the recent five rounds of the draw with Manchester United, which may be opened a greater gap between Leicester City and Chelsea and other teams. If they cant enter the position of emmeri in the Champions League this season, they may not be able to hold on.

Gun fans are very skeptical about emmeris coaching level. Although the Spaniard has to change the formation and the starting lineup almost every game, it is not always effective, sometimes counterproductive. The most worthwhile arrangement for him is to replace Sara with tsara when he was 1-0 ahead, and Arsenal lost the ball in 3 minutes. SACA is the midfield barrier with outstanding defensive function. Whats the logic of letting the winger take the place of the defensive back when the score is ahead?

Emmeri changed the formation from 4312 to 4231 and didnt activate Arsenals attack. On the contrary, the number of midfielders who had to assist guard was reduced. In particular, sevalese on the left was an attacking player with weak defense. Wolves goal was started from the right side. If emmeri has to change, why cant he replace cervalos and keep a better defensive toreira? Is he too reluctant to see toreira or is he too good to give up? Im afraid the latter is untenable.

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Source: editor in charge of Netease Sports: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656