Explosion in Syrian northern border city killed several civilians

 Explosion in Syrian northern border city killed several civilians

In the afternoon of Tuesday local time, a car bomb attack occurred in the northern Syrian border city of Taylor abyed, killing many people. Taylor abed is currently controlled by Turkey and its supporting Syrian opposition forces.

Syrias state news agency reported that the attack took place in a market in the city of Taylor abed, killing and injuring many civilians and damaging buildings.

According to the London based Syrian Human Rights Watch, 10 people were killed and another 21 injured, including Turkish backed Syrian opposition militants and civilians.

On October 9, Turkey announced the launch of a military operation code named fountain of peace against Kurdish forces in northern Syria, and successively controlled the northern border cities of Syria, rasain and Taylor abyed.

Syrian democratic army accused Turkey of being responsible for the explosion of Tyler abed

Shortly after the explosion in Taylor abed, a spokesman for the Syrian democratic army led by the Syrian Kurdish armed forces said through social media that the explosion was part of Turkeys empty city plan aimed at forcing local residents to flee their homes in order to change the distribution of the local population.

Turkeys defense ministry condemns the bomb attack on Turkey

The defense ministry says Kurdish forces have created attacks. According to the daily morning news, residents of akchakale, a border city in the Turkish province of shangleurfa, also heard the explosion, and some of the injured were taken to akchakales hospital.