Heating company and property pinch district heating cost is not charged

 Heating company and property pinch district heating cost is not charged

Property company: heating company requires to pay 83% of heating proportion

Ms. Meng, the owner, said: since 2008, the owners of the community have moved in one after another and have been enjoying municipal central heating for more than 10 years, but the notice of the property recently worried about the heating problem this winter.

The notice sent by the owner signed by Lanqiao SHENGFEI property service center on October 25 is as follows: the heating work is about to start from 2019 to 2020. Up to now, Shaanxi Mingde heating Co., Ltd. has not signed a heating contract with our community, which makes the heating charging work impossible. Mingde thermal power company proposed a minimum heating rate of 83%, which infringed on the interests of community owners

To the statement of the notice, some owners said: put forward 83% of the package fee ratio, that is, what is the basis for 83% of the package heating fee according to the area of the community? On the morning of November 1, a reporter from the Chinese Business Daily called the property management of the community, and a staff member replied: it is suggested to consult the heating company, which is their reference.

Heating company: heating contract has not been signed

Details are under negotiation

At about 4:00 p.m. on the 1st, a reporter from China Business News went to Shaanxi Mingde central heating Co., Ltd. located on the West Mingde Road, but the staff refused to accept the interview face to face for the reasons that the boiler is a major place, the heating season is in full swing, and the staff are busy.

Later, a hotline staff member who claimed to be a heating company denied that the property in San gioranfi community is charged 83% of the heating rate, and said that the heating contract between the two parties has not been signed yet, and the specific content is under negotiation.

83% of the package fee notice has been removed

The property claims to start charging immediately after coordination

In the afternoon of that day, the reporter of the Chinese business daily searched for several unit buildings in the San gioranfi community, but failed to find the notice about the charge of 83% heating proportion. Several owners confirmed: on the morning of November 1, I saw the notice when I took the elevator and left the unit building. One owner, surnamed Zhang, pointed to the leftover corner of the billboard in the elevator lobby and said, its all removed.

Li manager of residential property didnt reply to the reason for the cancellation notice, but said: he will take it out at any time when necessary.

However, according to the relevant evidence provided by manager Li, the heating Department staff do have 83% of the heating rate. Our property is always required to be settled according to the actual heat consumption area. Manager Li said, last year, our residential area used up to 81% of the heat.. For the community, one percentage point is about 2000 square meters, and one months heating cost is more than 10000 yuan. By two percentage points, there will be more than 80000 yuan in a heating season. Who will make up the difference?

For the owners demand that the property collect the heating fee as soon as possible, manager Li said: the property still insists on paying the fee according to the actual heating area. Next week, the district Electronic City Street office will organize the heating company and the property company to coordinate, and once they coordinate, start charging immediately.

Source: responsible editor of China Business Daily: huachengyu