This is DNA! Liverpool are back in the game! Copy the magic corner of the Champions League

 This is DNA! Liverpool are back in the game! Copy the magic corner of the Champions League

As the saying goes, giving always pays off, when Liverpool keep trying on the field, they have finally equalised the score. In the 83rd minute of the game, Manet got the ball on the right side and crossed it from the middle to the back. Robertson got the header. With less than 10 minutes left in the game, Liverpool equalised and saw the hope of returning to defeat. In fact, when Robertson scored, Manchester City had already overtaken Southampton in the other field, so to maintain the advantage over Manchester City, Liverpool must try to beat the opponent.

Finally, Liverpool did it. In the 90th + 4th minute of the game, Liverpool got the corner kick. Arnold sent the corner kick into the front point. The horses heart appeared in the position where it should have just appeared. He jumped up high and shook his head to attack the door. The next thing became logical and the ball hit the net. In this way, Liverpool finished the final, beating Aston Villa 2-1, hard to get 3 points.

In fact, the history is always so amazing similar. Arnolds corner kick helped Liverpool to achieve the final, which seems to remind people of last seasons Champions League knockout, Liverpools second leg against Barcelona. As Liverpool are 3-0 behind in the first leg, they have to score 3 + goals in the second leg in order to be promoted. In the end, Barcelona gave up their resistance under the bombardment of Liverpool. The Reds scored three goals in the 7th, 54th and 55th minute respectively, equalizing the total score. Just as everyone was looking forward to extra time, Arnold finished a classic corner kick. The 78th minute, Arnold quick corner kick, origi overnight, the total score of both sides locked in 4-3.

The game against Villa is also a repeat of the classic Champions League game. It is worth mentioning that after Manets killing, Liverpools total number of Premier League kills has reached 35, which is the largest in the whole Premier League, 10 times more than the second ranked team. In addition, five of the 35 kills have been played since the start of last season, the most in the Premier League.

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Source: Netease sports Author: herbal tea editor: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656