Premier League - obamayan beat Arsenal 1-1 Wolves 3 times in a row

 Premier League - obamayan beat Arsenal 1-1 Wolves 3 times in a row

Wolves opened the offensive fierce, the first minute, Johnny left side of the penalty area volley kick high. In the third minute, Dohertys volley in the penalty area was blocked. The 7th minute, mutinio kicks the free kick directly to shoot to be confiscated.

In the 9th minute, the shot from the right side of the area was blocked by David Lewis. In the 14th minute, Nevis shot high in front of the penalty area. The 18th minute, David Louis midfield long pass, obamayang penalty area left side does not stop to shoot directly, was confiscated by Patricio.

In the 19th minute, torrera volleyed from the right side of the penalty area, and Coady kicked the ball out of the baseline. In the 20th minute, David Lewis crossed from the right, lacazette stopped the ball and turned to cross, obamayan pushed the goal in the forbidden area, 1-0, Arsenals home score was ahead, which was obamayans 50th goal after joining Arsenal.

The 25th minute, chambers cross, wolves defense error, torrella shot in front of the goalkeeper body pop-up, obamayang arc top shot high. Two minutes later, Mourinho hit the left free kick and Nevis volleyed high in front of the penalty area.

In the 32nd minute, sevalios passed the ball in front of the top of the arc, rakazet strafed in the forbidden area, and the goalkeeper fell down and confiscated the ball. The 43rd minute, if tower left passes, Doherty vigorously volleys, Lainuo saves the ball, then the mutinio shot is blocked by the guard. Arsenal led wolves 1-0 at the end of half-time.

The 49th minute, Nevis long-range shot by leno saved. The 52nd minute, obamayan back pass, Ozil cross, lakazet penalty area before the long-range kick high.

In the 66th minute, chambers received a header from the right cross and the ball was blocked by Doherty. In the 77th minute, Giorgio scored from the sideline. Mutinho crossed from the right, and Raul himenez headed the goal, 1-1, Arsenal tied the score.

The 82nd minute, Ozil left side of the penalty area in the cross, Martinelli before the point to try to shoot did not kick right. The 90th minute, if tower middle road forcibly takes the ball to shoot in the forbidden area, the Lainuo attacks to confiscate the ball. At the end of the game, Arsenal drew 1-1 with wolves.

Wolves (343): 11 Patricio / 32 dendonkel, 16 coyadi, 27 Seth / 2 Doherty (7029-vinagrel), 8-mutino, 8-nevis, 19 Joni / 37 Traore, 9-raul-himenez, 18 rota (917-endo)

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Source: Netease sports Author: Mo Luo editor in charge: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656