Three goals in seven minutes! Barcelonas humiliation turns Baldwins head

 Three goals in seven minutes! Barcelonas humiliation turns Baldwins head

On the contrary, Barcelonas attack is really ineffective. The pointless ball is just to try to get it to Messi. But under the heavy defense of the other side, its hard for Messi to find space to kill. Semedos lack of vertical lethality on the left made Barcas attack heavily right-wing, and the opponent could easily set up his defence.

Being reversed, the word seems to be a sensitive one for Barcelona. In the Champions League, Barcelona suffered a big reversal for two consecutive years. And tonight, Barca was beaten by the middle team Levant. Analysis of these three reversals shows that Barcelona are almost defeated in the same way. After the opponent improves the intensity of the game, Barca cant deliver the ball to the foot of the superstar in the front court, and the weak middle and back court can only be passively beaten. If we dig into the ideological reasons, Barcelona is actually looking down on the opponent. Once losing pace at the start of the game, Barcelona will not be able to fight against each others acceleration.

A wise man doesnt get wet twice in a river. Baldwin has proved that hes not a wise man. With the opponent increasing the intensity of the game, all Baldwin can do is squat on the sidelines and pray for Gods blessing. In fact, Barcelona have had a good season. Borussia Dortmund was beaten by Barcelona, but tersten saved the penalty. Slavia Prague also played under Barca, but died in a weird own goal. Baldwin even claimed shamelessly that less running is a good thing. Tonights Levant, finally tore off the mask of Barcelona and Baldwin. Compared with the previous two seasons, the Rossoneri have not improved in any way.

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