La Liga - Messi dispute penalty break Barcelona 7 minutes 3 goals 1-3 reversal

 La Liga - Messi dispute penalty break Barcelona 7 minutes 3 goals 1-3 reversal

In La Liga, the two teams have played 26 times in total, Barcelona 20 wins, 4 draws and 2 defeats, 82-28 goals. On the road, Barcelona are 7-4-2, with 36-20 goals. Umbetti is out of action with injuries, and denbelle, wag, Alenia and ferbo are out of the squad.

Artur kicked down milarmon in 12 minutes and was given a yellow card warning. Three minutes later, Suarez made a right cross, and Sergi robeto nodded in front of him. In 21 minutes, Semedo made a straight pass and grizman hit the side net on the left side of the penalty area. 31 minutes Messi straight, grizman on the right side of the penalty area to shoot low, etor Fernandez with his legs to block the ball.

36 minutes miramon penalty area trip samedo was blown, Messi shot the top right corner of the goal. 1-0, Barcelona ahead, Messi scored in five consecutive games! But grizman, who was involved in the ball, was not called off earlier. Barcelona replaced the injured Suarez with Carlos Peres. In 43 minutes, Rafael Bidar swept the right side of the door. Messi failed to break the door with two consecutive shots when he lost his balance.

In 65 minutes, pique midfielder scooped out mayoral and was warned by a yellow card. Barca replaced Artur with di. Longley elbowed melero in 67 minutes and was given a yellow card warning. Campanias free kick on the right side was ejected. In the penalty area of ladoya, he volleyed in the air and the ball was blocked into the net by Busquets. 3-1, Levant to expand the advantages! In 74 minutes, Messi shot and hit the guard. Messi followed up with his left foot and pushed the guard to break the goal. Because grizman was offside when he made the ball, it was blown out of effect.

In 81 minutes Sergi robeto stopped mayoral from being warned by a yellow card, and Levante replaced morares with Vukovic. In 85 minutes, Fati kicked down ladoya and was given a yellow card warning. In 87 minutes, Fatis right foot curled in front of the left penalty area and pushed the sliding door. Levante replaced Campania with Kabak, Messi picked the ball in 92 minutes, and Fati was shot with a header.

Levante (4-2-3-1): etor Fernandez / 20 miramon, 15 bostig, 14 vizo, 19 Crick / 5 ladoa, 24 Campania (8818-kabak) / 10 Bardi (6216-rocina), 22 melero, 11 Morales (8217-takecevic) / 21 mayoral

Barcelona (4-3-3): 1-terstgen / 20 Sergio robeto, 3-pique, 15 Langley, 2-semedo / 22 bidal (625-busquets), 21 Delong, 8-artur (6631-fati) / 10 Messi, 9-suarez (4127-carlos Perez), 17 grizman

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