Bundesliga super crazy 8-0! Germany No.9 in cap + 3 assists! 10 goals in 2 games

 Bundesliga super crazy 8-0! Germany No.9 in cap + 3 assists! 10 goals in 2 games

Leipzig 8-0 Mainz

In the fifth minute, Werner, on the left, pushed straight into the forbidden area and then crossed the middle road. Zabize shot in front of the door, 1? - 0.

The 30th minute, nkunku forbidden area left side cross, Werner right post in front of the ball to push the shot to expand the score, 2-0.

In the 35th minute, the left side of Werners forbidden area hit the middle of the line, and nkunkus right foot volleyed out of the arc top to break the ball, 3-0.

The 38th minute, Paulson right low ball pass, halstenberg penalty point near the follow-up left foot push score, 4-0.

In the 44th minute, zabitze was shot and pounced, and Paulson made a make-up shot, 5-0.

In the 50th minute, Werners left cross, mukiler on the right side of the penalty area hit the ball and scored 7-0.

In the 87th minute, the guard of the visiting team made a mistake. After being robbed by Klosterman, he passed the ball on the right side of the forbidden area. Werner followed up the middle shot to lock the score, 8-0.

Its worth mentioning that Leipzig has scored 14 goals in the last two games. In the last game, they just beat Wolfsburg 6-1 in the German Cup, and Werner also made two passes and two shots in that game. That is to say, the German No.9 one has scored 10 goals in the last two games.

Leverkusen 1-2 menchen Gladbach

In the 18th minute, Thuram passed from the right side to the bottom, and then he scored 0-1 in front of the defenceless winters goal. The 25th minute, alario midfield sent straight plug, Flanders in front of the anti offside dribble to cross the visiting goalkeeper and push the ball into the empty gate, 1-1. The 42nd minute, Hermans right cross, Thuram in front of the close push shot, 1-2. In the sixth minute of injury stoppage, Bayer was given a yellow card warning for his foul on Herman, but the referee decided to send him off with a straight red card after the VaR looked back.

Werder Bremen 2-2 Freiburg

In the 9th minute, Damian forced the middle circle to send the straight plug. After rahica brought into the forbidden area, he put out a curling ball on the left side of the forbidden area to enter the net directly, 1-0. In the 28th minute, Bremen goalkeeper pavlunko made a serious mistake to get rid of the siege. He was robbed by the right side of Petersons small restricted area and then pushed into the empty door at a small angle to level, 1-1. The 59th minute, Lhasa left cross, after the point sellassier shook his head to attack the door to lead the score again, 2-1. In the 87th minute, habeller fouled Clarkson and was sent off with a second yellow card. In the third minute of injury stoppage, the free kick on the right side outside the area of kingtel was hoisted to the left post, Petersons head hammer broke the door and pressed the whistle to draw the opponent 2-2.

Hoffenheim 3-0 padbourne

The second minute, SKOV from the door 30 meters away directly free kick, 1-0. The 15th minute, greerlich cross, Cadillac Baker restricted area right side push shot to expand the score, 2-0. In the 25th minute, in the right cross of caldera Beck, rocardia stopped the ball and smashed a defenders shot, 3-0.

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