After the hospital operation, the needle catheter was left in the babys body for nearly a year

 After the hospital operation, the needle catheter was left in the babys body for nearly a year

After the operation, the needle catheter was left in the body, but it hasnt been taken out for nearly a year. Recently, Mr. Bai, a citizen, complained to the Chinese business daily that his son had an operation in the Xingyuan Hospital of Yulin city. On the fourth day of hospitalization after the operation, the nurse found that the catheter of the indwelling needle was broken and disappeared when replacing the indwelling needle. After B-ultrasonic examination, it was found that the catheter remained in the body. It has been nearly a year since the incident, but the needle catheter remained in the body has not been taken out.

Broken indwelling needle catheter

Foreign body found by B-ultrasound

On November 1, Mr. Bai told reporters of the Chinese business daily that they still clearly remember December 28, 2018. Because his sons corner of the eye has been intermittently secretions after birth, so he went to Xingyuan hospital for ophthalmology examination, and the doctor suggested massage treatment. After a period of treatment, no effect was found. The doctor suggested surgery. On December 24, 2018, the child who was more than 5 months old had a nasolacrimal duct exploration operation in Xingyuan hospital. On the same day, he returned home and found that he was infected. So he began infusion treatment the next day and went through the hospitalization procedures in Xingyuan hospital.

On December 28, the nurse came to replace the retaining needle for the child. After pulling out the retaining needle, it was found that the needle catheter was broken and disappeared. Many methods were used in the ward, but they were not found. Mr. Bai told reporters that they then performed B-ultrasound in the hospital. B-ultrasound showed that there was a 15mm long tubular echo under the left temporal scalp, which means that the needle catheter may have broken in the head blood vessels, and all the people at the scene were blinded at once.

When the foreign body is removed by operation

The needle tube is missing

According to Mr. Bai, after multiple confirmations, it was found that the indwelling needle catheter was indeed left in the body, but Xingyuan hospital was unable to solve the problem, so an ambulance and a nurse were sent to transfer the child to Xian childrens Hospital on the same day, and B-ultrasonic examination was conducted again, which also revealed that there were tubular echoes under the skin of the head. However, when the child underwent surgery to remove the foreign body, the doctor found that the catheter of the indwelling needle was missing, possibly because the blood flow changed the retention position. After the operation, the hospital did B-ultrasound again to find the indwelling needle catheter, but failed to find it.

According to the ultrasonic diagnosis report provided by Mr. Bai, the subcutaneous exploration at the left temporal parents point: a tubular echo with a length of about 16.8mm can be seen under the skin, the outer diameter of about 0.9mm, the upper end of about 2.4mm from the body surface, and the lower end of about 2.7mm from the body surface. Ultrasound showed that there was a tubular echo under the left temporal scalp, considering the foreign body (located on the body surface).

After the incident, the Bai family went to see their son in Xian childrens Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jiaotong University and Beijing Childrens Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University. They hoped to find and remove the foreign bodies, and remove the hidden dangers left in the childs body, but they failed to do so.

Hospital: it is true that it is suggested to go through judicial procedures

If the catheter is broken and left in the body, will it flow into the heart or lungs along the blood? If there is such a possibility, in case of untimely rescue or even life-threatening? Mr. Bai said that up to now, the matter has not been properly handled, and they have repeatedly failed to negotiate with the hospital.

From the president to the vice president of Xingyuan hospital, the director who coordinated the settlement, they all admitted that it was their fault, but they did not put forward how to deal with it. Mr. Bai said that he had spent more than 100000 yuan to see children in Xian, Beijing and other places, and two stores in his family had been closed. The child is only one year old now. Their familys biggest wish is to take out the needle catheter hidden in the childs body, so as not to bury hidden dangers to the childs health.

On November 2, the reporter of China Business Daily called Zhang Xiaolong, the president of Xingyuan hospital. The other side said that he was not in charge of the matter, and he could ask the vice president in charge for information. Zhang pengliao, vice president of Xingyuan hospital, told the Chinese business daily that at present, the matter has been dealt with by the Medical Commission, it is true that we have given 50000 yuan of medical expenses to the children for treatment first. The matter has not been properly handled because the family members are unwilling to take judicial measures to solve it. Zhang pengliao said that the hospital will certainly bear the amount of compensation awarded by the court after the medical dispatching Commissions handling or judicial procedures.

Source: China business daily Author: Yang Huyuan editor in charge: Hua Chengyu