Global Times: shame of Xinhua news agency being set on fire by rioters

 Global Times: shame of Xinhua news agency being set on fire by rioters

On the afternoon of November 2, a group of rioters gathered illegally in Hong Kongs Hong Kong Island area without the approval of the police. Part of the rioters flash damaged the glass and gate of the Hong Kong Branch of Xinhua news agency in Wanchai, and threw incendiary bombs at the lobby, which caught fire. Fortunately, the fire was put out soon and no casualties were caused. However, this is still a naked and extremely violent crime, which is another violation of the rule of law in Hong Kong.

We strongly condemn the violent crimes against the facilities of Xinhua news agency, and call on the Hong Kong law enforcement department to bring the rioters to justice as soon as possible, and call on the Hong Kong judicial department to make a judgment consistent with the seriousness of the crime. Only in this way can we ensure that the authority of the rule of law in Hong Kong will not be further undermined, so as to curb the further escalation of violent crimes.

For several months in a row, some Hong Kong radical forces and thugs have wantonly damaged public order and public facilities. This kind of behavior does not have any legitimacy, but under the comprehensive effect of various complex factors in Hong Kong, it shows a growing trend. Before that, thugs smashed the Legislative Council and government agencies of Hong Kong and burned many branches of Bank of China in Hong Kong. The arson of the Hong Kong Branch of Xinhua news agency is a new escalation of violent sabotage in Hong Kong.

First of all, Xinhua news agency is a news agency. The destructive crimes against news organizations cannot be tolerated in any civilized society. Moreover, the Hong Kong Branch of Xinhua news agency, founded in 1947, is not an ordinary news agency. It has made unique contributions in the process of Hong Kongs return to the motherland. The reason why these thugs set fire in the Hong Kong Branch of Xinhua news agency was that they had obvious political intention and had very sinister intentions.

We need to see that the Xinhua news agency is symbolic. The thugs sabotage of the Xinhua news agency is not only a provocation to the rule of law in Hong Kong, but also a provocation to the central government and the mainland. The latter is more focused on the thugs, who are committed to intensifying the contradictions between the mainland and Hong Kong through violent activities, kidnapping the stability and prosperity of the whole Hong Kong on their near crazy paranoia. They try to rationalize and legitimize their criminal behavior with political logic. They are sinners, but they want to be heroes. The question is, how did their delusion come into being?

From the legal level, the right and wrong are clear at a glance, there is no grey area, but there have been people confusing. Smashing, smashing, looting and burning are serious crimes in any country or region. What does this have to do with the so-called freedom of demonstration or expression? If such crimes are not punished properly, is it not the shame of Hong Kong as a civilized society ruled by law? Hong Kong pursues one country, two systems and its judicial system has certain uniqueness, which cannot exceed the common bottom line of human civilization.

It is urgent to stop violence and control chaos. In fact, under the framework of the basic law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has relatively sufficient legal tools and space to stop violence and chaos. I would like to mention in particular that the judicial department of the Hong Kong SAR is not able to make judgments that objectively encourage violent activities. A few days ago, those insulting the national flag in Hong Kong were sentenced to only 200 hours of social services, which had a bad impact. Such a judgment is no different from being an accomplice of the mob, and it has become a real obstacle for Hong Kong to stop violence.

There can be no more chaos in Hong Kong. The mainland is distressed, but Hong Kong is suffering directly. More Hong Kong people should stand up clearly against violence and refuse to be objectively accomplices of thugs. This is to safeguard their own vital interests first.

Source: editor in charge of global network: huachengyu