Its only a few yuan to buy a suit. You have to spend it

 Its only a few yuan to buy a suit. You have to spend it

No. 2 answer:

Since you love her, its all about you. Its all about you.

Peoples ideas are so strange. If you love her and she loves you, she has to love your ethnic group or relatives. Otherwise, she doesnt love you.

You love each other. Why do you have to involve other unrelated people? In love, parents are redundant. If you add your parents to your love, its incest.

And some mothers-in-law are really thick lines. You can use the grey cloth as the dishcloth and the dishcloth as the diaper. How can you let women love you? How can you pierce the condom and let you have a baby? How can you make money for your family forever. How to love such a mother-in-law?

Your daughter-in-law is not Jesus, not so fraternal. Shes just a woman. One should do what one does. Its Jesus job to love them with their thick lines.

You are a big man. You cant do this. Here are three words for you: you cant!

Second uncle, Im five months pregnant. I dont want to have a baby. I dont have the ability to stand on my feet, but I love the husband who has a wife and want to have this baby. What should I do?

No. 2 answer:

Its not polite to say that buying a condom is only a matter of a few yuan. You have to spend the whole thing.

There are only two results for all the children born by women who have no foothold ability: first, the children cant lift their heads in their whole life; second, you will be miserable.

Whats more, you think more about what happened in your bed and expect others to pay for it.

Its said that reincarnation is a technical job, considering whether the man you are looking for is a technical talent or a man with learning ability. If he is not, even if he can afford toys for his children now, he may not be able to afford to support his children to go to university in the future. Moreover, the child is innocent to bury such a large list for the things that his parents are struggling with in bed. The cost is also high. Ordinary people are still like this, let alone you!

This is the speculation that you let others give you money. The first thing an adult needs to learn is to dig a hole and fill it.

Wash and sleep. Good night.