She was the first beauty of the Republic of China. She was deeply involved in the peach scandal. She was under house arrest for three years, but she was reborn

 She was the first beauty of the Republic of China. She was deeply involved in the peach scandal. She was under house arrest for three years, but she was reborn

Picture: left Hu die right Ruan Lingyu

There were two very similar journeys in their lives.

Once, in business.

Ruan Lingyu has emerged in the movie world, and Hu die is also a new film and television star. They meet in the movie white cloud tower. Ruan Lingyu plays Pu Lvji, who is soft and charming on the surface and crazy for love. She is a lively and flexible Qiu Fengzi who is free and easy to love.

This is the only time in their lives that they cooperate.

The characters seem to have souls that see through their inner world and reflect different futures.

Another time, emotionally.

At that time, Hu die was also bullied by love.

Her husband, Lin xuehuai, took her to court on the charge of disobeying womens way.

Once her reputation was destroyed, her career suffered serious setbacks, and false scandal repeatedly made headlines.

All her life, she was trapped in the center of public opinion.

However, she lives in perfect freedom.

Lin xuehuai is Hu Dies first love and an important lesson in her emotion. Hu die was only 17 when they met. In the movie autumn fan complain, they performed a very sad love. The plot around the two people outside the play also sprouts.

Lin xuehuai fell in love with Hu die at first sight and pursued her with the convenience of work.

However, at first it was Xiangwang had a heart, but the goddess had no intention. Until once, they played a suicide scene together. Hu Die wants to commit suicide in the river, and Lin xuehuai saves the beauty. In the moment of being rescued, they look at each other affectionately. Hu die suddenly cant tell whether the character is moving or the real self is also touched. A moment of confusion, into the heart. So, the first love chapter, began to write quietly.

Picture: the leaflet of autumn fan resentment is very good, but it is always exhausted. When fantasy comes into reality, their problems begin to be exposed gradually.

First, the pace of development is not equal.

Hu Die, with her beautiful and graceful appearance and vivid acting skills, made her become the most eye-catching star in Shanghai beach. However, Lin xuehuai, who has been on the road for several years but has no appearance and mediocre acting skills, has always been wandering in supporting roles, unable to make a name.

Secondly, the relationship status is not equal.

Lin xuehuai is a very traditional man, and his thought is deeply influenced by big man doctrine. Such logic makes him suffer in the relationship.

Because, in the workplace, as a senior, he lost to the junior Hu die;

So, he gradually ignored Hu Die, trying to let her back, so that he can leave early, this hurt self-esteem love.

However, Hu Die, who was in love for the first time, could not know the deep thoughts of men.

Seeing her lovers estrangement, she could only get close.

However, the closer she gets, the more she escapes.

She was frustrated and almost desperate. Later, Lin xuehuais words made Hu Die confused.

Its better to be a woman. Its easier for a woman to break into the world than for a man. Once she breaks into the world, others will say that she has more skills. If she doesnt, she can ask for money from a man.

At that time, Hu Die, 19, couldnt think deeply about the horror behind this kind of thinking. She could only think that she had to let the other party know her sincerity and continue the relationship.

So she made the decision that she regretted most in her life - to marry Lin xuehuai on her own initiative.

Because his restaurant is new and popular, and Hu die is the New Goddess of Shanghai beach. If her fame is enhanced, the business will be prosperous.

Hu Die for him, is not the original pure lover, but a chess piece to realize the value of life.

The engagement ceremony was very grand. At the ceremony, they were smiling, but each had his own thoughts.

Hu die is eager to consolidate this dangerous first love through a marriage letter; Lin xuehuai has begun to figure out how to expand his catering kingdom by relying on butterflys fame.

However, Lin xuehuais tavern, like his acting career, has no appearance but strength. Finally, even if the living monument of Hu Die is hung, it will inevitably decline.

Looking at her husbands failure to start a business, she sighed all day long, and asked her father to install a good position for him in her company.

Although his father agreed, Lin xuehuai was embarrassed. Im a seven foot man. Why should I live on your father? Seeing Lin xuehuais conflict, Hu Die stops again.

Since she lost her job, Lin xuehuai has lived a life of squatting at home. He used to walk in front of her self-esteem and asked Hu Die for money.

Hu Die thought, as long as he can maintain his family, its up to him.

So, Lin xuehuais last guts, after reaching out again and again, turned to ashes. He became the man he hated the most.

This is also true for Lin xuehuai. Unable to raise his head in front of his wife, he took his wifes hard-working money, rushed to the hundred music gate of zizui gold fans, ordered expensive wine and enjoyed the worship of dancers. He knew that it was all false flattery. However, he was already in the mire and needed this vanity.

Picture: at the beginning of the analysis of Hu Die biography, Lin xuehuai still considered each others faces, only secretly seeking pleasure. With Hu Dies higher position in the movie world, his inner distortion is also serious. At last, he took the dancers to the street near his home, as if to make Hu Die feel embarrassed. In this way, everyone knows that the husband of Hu Die, the big star, has cheated.

She forgives Lin xuehuai and stops giving him money.

Hu die cant squeeze money out of her. Lin xuehuai feels that this marriage, which looks like a virtual marriage, has no value. Therefore, he planned to squeeze a large sum of money from Hu Die, and then gave up the marriage. Soon, this opportunity will come.

Hu Dies fame not only brings her better development, but also makes her the focus of peach scandal.

At that time, almost all the actors, directors, and even dignitaries who had worked with Hu Die had had sex with her.

These false rumors have become Lin xuehuais chips.

Photo: when Sohu received a summons from the court, Hu Dies heart died like ashes. She didnt expect that her hard-working marriage would come to an end and become a popular joke.

Photo: Sohu, however, did not flinch. She asked Zhan Jifeng, the most famous lawyer in Shanghai, to explain the situation with her parents and discuss how to solve it.

Lin xuehuai thought that Hu Die would compromise with him under the pressure of public opinion.

Who knows, Hu Die confronts.

This time, Lin xuehuai is really flustered. He is afraid of Hu Dies divorce. In this way, he loses his wife and turns into a soldier. He changed the arrogance of the past and asked for help every day, just like a good husband. However, Hu die has already recognized his face and mouth.

After three court sessions, Hu die finally cut off the root of love and cut off Lin xuehuai.

However, Hu Dies original family gives her a sense of self-awareness ahead of time.

On March 23, 1908, Hu die was born in a well-off family in Shanghai. The father is the general manager of Beijing Fengzhou railway, and the mother is the traditional housewife.

For Hu Die, his father is a very important guide.

He is generous and humorous. These two bright spots are perfectly copied to Hu die. Whats more, her father is a parent who has divorced from the old ideas. What he has implemented for her is western education.

Therefore, she knew from an early age what the concept of gender equality was.

Her father was the first heterosexual person she knew, and dominated her future expectations for the opposite sex.

Therefore, Hu Die had the right observation object since childhood.

Photo: in the autobiography Memoirs of Hu Die, though her mother has not received much education, she is a very intelligent woman in Hu Dies mind. She is very good at dealing with people and things, and can handle the huge family affairs.

In the process of Hu Dies growth, her mother carried out the education of persuading others by reason.

This kind of education mode has developed Hu Dies strong ability of resisting pressure and empathy.

These two abilities are the key to support her in the face of difficulties.

Photo: Autobiography Memoirs of Hu Die

Moreover, Hu Dies parents have a good relationship, and they always respect each other very much.

This lets Hu Die see what a good marriage should look like.

So when she falls into a wrong marriage, she can accurately judge that this is not the state of marriage.

A good family education not only makes her know how to look at herself correctly, but also makes her work more prosperous.

Zheng Zhengqiu, a famous director, once nicknamed Hu Die cute girl. A clever girl.

Hu die not only has a talent for acting, but also works several times harder than others the day after tomorrow.

In order to play a good role, she studied with master Mei Lanfang. Shes always on the set, the first to the last to leave. In order to develop better, in her spare time, she also learned makeup, dance, singing, horseback riding, driving and other skills, that is, she hoped to perform well every different type of character. This persistence has won her good reputation and outstanding achievements.

In the history of Chinese film, Hu die once made many first.

For example, Chinas first movie queen.

In 1933, the first popular movie queen competition opened. Hu Die and many famous stars were all on the list. At that time, the most fierce competition was Hu Die and Ruan Lingyu. Fans worked hard to vote for their own goddess. Finally, Hu Die cast off the other contestants and won the crown with 21334 votes.

Since then, she has been crowned movie queen three times, known as Chinas oldest empress.

For example, the movie has the highest attendance.

After the film was released, it lasted for 60 days, almost full of seats, breaking the highest attendance rate in the history of Chinese films at that time.

For example, the first actor to represent China and travel to the Soviet Union to attend the 10th anniversary of the Moscow Film Festival.

On this trip, she visited Germany, France, Britain, Switzerland and Italy. By this time, her vision was totally different from that of the past.

She started her career in film industry from the embryonic stage of Chinese film industry, went through silent film period, sound period, black-and-white period, transition to the color period, until a few years before her death, she still sneaked into the film in the form of guest star, surprise the fans. Many actors in the same period with Hu Die left one after another because they couldnt adapt to the changes in the industry, such as accent, interpretation method, audience taste, and internationalization. Hu Die, however, has been standing.

She really loves acting. What flows in her soul is the blood of acting.

Moreover, from her many roles, we can see her deep understanding of womens independence.

For example, in the book of daughters, there is a classic line. You men have a stereotype that women know something. So I would not ask a woman to help me in any business. As a result, it either delays business or fosters a woman who can only spare no effort. One word breaks through the dilemma of gender relations, which can be called the first generation Declaration on equal rights of men and women in China.

Hu Di firmly believes that only when she comes to the screen can she have a better chance to let the world see the value of women and lead more women to independence.

So, she kept walking and acting.

Although, when she was young, Hu Die fell in front of love.

However, this fierce heel made her realize that love also needs independence.

After leaving Lin xuehuai, she was very cautious about love. At this time, a second man appeared beside her, pan Yousheng. They met at a party organized by Ruan Lingyu. Pan Yousheng accompanied his friends, but unexpectedly met Hu Die, the goddess who was haunted by dreams.

At that time, pan Yousheng was just an ordinary staff member of the tea Department of Dexing foreign bank, who dared not expect to develop with the big stars.

However, Hu Die feels that the shy and honest man in front of her is a little special.

In a high position, she has long been used to mens compliments, and pan Youshengs steadiness has become his biggest weapon.

Soon after they met each other, they went out for many times to play. In the process of getting along, love blossomed between them.

This time, Hu die is not confused by love.

She knows that no matter where women are, they must have their own bottom line and principles.

Therefore, she is no longer the puppet of obedience in love.

They agreed to focus on their career and respect each others pursuit of life. Pan Yousheng did not lose Hu Dies appreciation. In just a few years, he took the position of manager. His conduct has been unanimously recognized by people around Hu die.

At this time, they have gone through six years of wind and rain to see through each others most real appearance. The passion fades, the love finally should result.

This wedding ceremony is grand and incomparable. Hu Dies relatives and friends from all over the country have arrived as promised. The colleagues of star company specially created Hu Dies new marriage song for her, putting the best words on Hu die.

Hu Dies marriage is enviable.

The only pity is that she was disqualified from being a mother due to complications of ectopic pregnancy.

But pan Yousheng never complained. His heart to Hu Die, in addition to cherish, only respect. Finally, after discussion, they adopted the two children of brother pan Yousheng, and regarded them as their own for many years. Pan Yousheng feels that his wife and children are the happiest family he has. And Hu die is also deeply aware that he has finally found a man who loves her unconditionally like her father.

However, the happy marriage, or encountered the inevitable storm.

Shortly after marriage, the war broke out. She and Pan had no choice but to leave home. When I fled to Hong Kong, I thought it was safe, but I was frugal. At that time, in order to better capture the hearts of the people, the enemy arrested celebrities everywhere and asked them to speak for themselves.

Hu Die, a famous butterfly in the world, has naturally become the most important catch.

Hu Die refuses to die, but in order to protect her family and survive, she is forced to flee again.

This time, their destination is Chongqing.

During this period, she delivered more than 30 boxes of household belongings to her friends for transportation. In addition to the precious jewelry she had accumulated for many years, there were gifts from international celebrities, all of which were valuable treasures.

However, when people arrived in Chongqing, the boxes were delayed. Hu Die didnt think much about it, just thought that maybe because of the confusion, her friend delayed the trip. Later, Chongqing could not stay any longer, and her family moved to Guilin.

Photo: one day, she was shopping in the streets of Guilin, but in the window of a pawnshop, she saw a very familiar mink coat. She went into the shop in a loss of soul, saw the mark she had made in the clothes, and confirmed that the clothes were hers. Where did you get this coat, boss? The seller said it was shipped from Hong Kong. The quality is very good. Ill give you a discount if you like it, miss. Hearing this, Hu die is spinning.

When she turned around, she saw other clothes in the window.

However, the result is bad news - more than 30 boxes have been lost.

Hu die cant believe it. Its her whole lifes hard work. She looks for friends everywhere to help her find out where the box is.

However, this investigation, but for her life, brought the biggest disaster so far.

For more than 30 boxes, she was forced to separate from Pan Yousheng for three years, and spent a period of unspeakable years.

Among Hu Dies friends, one of them is Yang Hu. After hearing Hu Dies cry, he recommended Dai Li as a candidate. Dai Li was a real power fan who had been obsessed with Hu Die for many years. As long as Hu Die opened his mouth, he would never let it go.

She didnt know, waiting for her was the beginning of the nightmare.

On the one hand, Hu die is grateful for his existence.

Because Dai Li helped her and her family through the most difficult years. In order to find Hu Dies box, he mobilized all resources and even bought back the things he could not find one by one. He protected Hu Die and her family from harm. Dai Lis love for Hu die is to the extreme. For Hu Die, he can sacrifice and give up everything.

Hu Die, on the other hand, hated him.

Because Dai Li never cares. She has no love for him.

The price of a gorgeous house, a rich life and the privilege of being free from displacement is three years of house arrest. He even forcibly isolated Hu die from Pan Yousheng, and used his position to mobilize pan Yousheng to go to Fujian. Pan Yousheng resists and threatens his life. Hu Die and pan Yousheng have no choice but to compromise and pray for the nightmare to go away as soon as possible. More than 1000 tormented days and nights, Hu die once wrote down the inner lament.

Dai can only occupy my body, but he cant get my heart. My heart will always belong to you.

She and pan Yousheng have never forgotten each others firm belief.

Picture: Baidu TA says not long later, Dai Li begins to order Hu die to dissolve the marriage with Pan Yousheng immediately. He wants to be Hu Die, a husband with a good name. Hu die is unwilling to cash in.

She hurried to Fujian. It was the first time in three years that she saw pan Yousheng. When they met each other, they were stunned. Hu Die steps forward and gently touches pan Youshengs face: you are old... Pan Yousheng broke into tears and couldnt say a word.

Short 3 years, but their life, the longest years.

After experiencing displacement, Hu Die realizes that she can never lose pan Yousheng again.

In the autumn of 1947, pan Yousheng planned to return to Hong Kong to start a business. Hu Die decided to join him in the business.

When he arrived in Hong Kong, pan Yousheng started the business of warm water kettle and set the brand name as Butterfly brand. Hu Dies reputation, coupled with Pan Youshengs business acumen, their company soon made a difference. Their life, finally, has gradually recovered, the former plain and warm.

Figure: an analysis of Hu Die biography of the Chu style on eight sides

However, the time God has left them is only five years.

Because of long-term toil, pan Yousheng suffered from advanced liver cancer. Hu die almost fainted when she received the diagnosis in the hospital, but she pretended to be strong when she thought of Pan Yousheng, who was still waiting outside the door. What did the doctor say? No, that is to say, you are too tired and need more rest. Hu Die plans to hide that one day is one day, and he must make pan Yousheng happy in his last days. However, her condition worsened beyond her imagination.

She has been calm as before, insisting on her life, to the end. Many years later, in the Memoirs of Hu Die, Hu Die tells for the first time the influence of Pan Youshengs death on her.

I have always been more philosophical, and my life is like acting. I often comfort myself. On the day when I fled from the war of resistance against Japan and during the great retreat of Hunan and Guangxi, I always said that the bitter play would be finished and the bitter play would come to me. But this time, I really feel pushed to the edge of life by the God of fate, I cant see the dawn, only feel that the sound passing away has taken away all the joy and all the anger in my life.

At this time, people knew that she was in great pain.

In the face of the great difficulties of life, she always encourages herself to do her best.

However, when the beloved died, she also became a helpless weak woman.

She knew that human death could not be revived. It was not easy to accept death? Later, she changed her name to pan Baojuan. Pan stands for Pan Yousheng, and Baojuan is her nickname. For the rest of her life, she was still there, and he never left.

Hu die is not her real name. When she entered the industry, she listened to the opinions of her predecessors and took the stage name for herself. At that time, most female stars liked gentle and elegant codes to show their advanced temperament. However, she called herself Hu Die.

The reason is that Hu Die and Butterfly are homophonic, implying flying high.

Photo: most women of the same age in Autobiography Memoirs of Hu die have the same mentality with her. They have long been dissatisfied with the shackled and imprisoned life. They all want to be free like butterflies. However, after many trials and tribulations, over mountains and rivers, and even over, life is unbearable. Only Hu Die, transformed into a real butterfly.

She soared in the free sky, breathing the free air, happy to envy.

However, few people know that behind happiness, it is she who bears pain and sorrow, with tenacity and patience, has built up the present stability.

On April 23, 1989, Hu Die, 81, died peacefully beside her friends and family. As she died, she smiled and said a word to everyone.

Look, the butterfly flies away.

This time, she will fly to pan Yousheng, who has been waiting for a long time.