Six blood lessons in the delivery room burst the circle of friends!

 Six blood lessons in the delivery room burst the circle of friends!

Many of the answers below are shocking.

A friend who works in obstetrics and Gynecology once said with infinite emotion:

Some things that we havent heard of dont mean that they dont exist; we havent seen them and dont mean that they havent happened. After working in the obstetrics and gynecology department for many years, I saw too many stories of dog blood that startled my chin, and really recognized the lessons of blood in marriage.


Marriage depends on family circumstances

Knowing that netizens @ love you is like loving life, telling a personal experience, which makes people worried.

She said the baby was born in the middle of the night, bleeding heavily and the placenta didnt come out. Later, it was forced out by the nurse. The blood was flowing all the time. The whole patients number suit was permeated with blood.

The doctor asked the family to send clothes, but no one sent them to her. The nurse can only take off the full blood number clothes for her and hang water naked for observation for two hours.

Come out from the delivery room, because the baby is a girl, my father-in-law turned around and went home directly. The nurse had to put the baby in her mother-in-laws arms. She stayed for a while and left.

The next day my mother-in-law came very late with spicy chicken. She said she couldnt eat spicy, but her mother-in-law said she couldnt eat chili without it.

She was so weak after the bleeding that she couldnt turn over in four or five days. When my mother-in-law came to see her occasionally, she only said: one more, this year or next year.

With all her strength, she said that she would never give birth again, and her mother-in-law would instigate all sorts of provocations. She said that many girls were waiting in line to marry my son.

Later, she got divorced and went back home with her baby and only 128 yuan.

In the most difficult time, I can only use my daughters small bed and walker for 280 yuan to live.

Now shes looking for a job, trying to make money to raise her own children.

Marriage is always the business of the two families. Choosing right parents in law, right family, even more important than choosing right husband.

In an unfortunate marriage, it is also a great disaster, except for a husband who does not give enough strength to bother his wife.

Jane Austen said: its foolish for a marriage not to think about family background.

Marriage depends on family circumstances. Its not necessary for the man to be rich in his family, but he must be responsible and his parents should have a good character.


Superstition and ignorance really do harm to children

As long as a woman has a brother or a brother, none of her family is allowed to go to the hospital when she gives birth. She must wait for a month before she leaves the hospital to visit her.

The reason is astonishing: women give birth to blood light, ominous, afraid of hurting the family men.

And during the confinement period, the parturient can only drink the rice soup that urges the milk, and dont want to touch the meat and eggs.

At the stage of body mending, however, due to the so-called rules handed down by the ancestors, the puerpera suffered from physical and psychological torture, which was speechless.

Whats more, these feudalism and superstition sometimes not only hurt pregnant women and puerperas, but also hurt innocent lives in the abdomen.

Zhihus netizen, marshal Tianpeng, said that he met a family outside the delivery room. In order to make the child and his father have the same birthday, he had a caesarean section one month in advance.

Netizen @ childe Qin Jiuge also told a similar story.

A pregnant woman graduated from a well-known university, is still a masters degree, and works in a top 500 middle-level management.

But such an elite person, when told by the doctor that the childs fetal heart rate is not good and needs immediate surgery to prevent the child from suffocation, resolutely refused to say again and so on. She and her family want a puppy baby.

Even if the doctor later tried hard to explain the truth and even said that the danger threatened her, she did not move, and still insisted.

Later, the woman gave birth at 23:04 on February 13, 2018, giving birth to a boy of six Jin and four Liang.

But its a dead baby.

I dont know how many people have done such absurd things, because local customs and superstitions, regardless of the rules of life, blindly insist on letting small life come to the world ahead of time or later.

It makes sense to read a sentence:

Whether a child is good or not in the future depends not on the day he was born, but on the nurturing and nurturing of his parents.

A child is a gift from heaven. One day earlier, one day later, the result may make you regret all your life.

Dont let the innocent life become the burial object of your ignorance!


Economic independence is always a womans greatest strength

One day, a woman came to the hospital alone to have an abortion. At the moment of the operation, the lady was lying on the bed and broke down and cried.

It turns out that she takes her baby in her hometown in the countryside all the year round and her husband works outside. She hasnt returned home for five years in a row.

Every month, she is waiting for her husbands 500 yuan living expenses. But the two children are at school, and the money is not enough.

In the sixth year, her husband went home once, and after less than a week, she became pregnant. Husband in the phone, coldly said three words: to type out.

That month, because of the need to be a stream of people, her husband turned 1000 yuan for the first time, but her heart was full of cold.

Her two children at school were all born by caesarean section. Less than seven days after the birth of the child, the husband went to work.

She has no parents in law, and her mother-in-law died early. She endured the sharp pain of the wound tear, cooked for herself and Dabao, and then endured the biting cold of winter, and washed Xiaobaos diapers.

Is it miserable? Worse than anyone.

But even so, after years of marriage, she never thought of leaving.

Without work and economic independence, she can only wait for a few hundred yuan a month and live a widow like life without love, money and money.

How bad is it for womens economic independence? I think thats the answer.

There is a line in the English drama Emma: only the poor old girl will be the laughingstock of everyone.

No matter when, no matter who you are with, you must top your earning power.

Even if you dont make enough money, no one can take away the confidence and confidence that money brings you.

When you are economically independent, you can hold the chips in your hands, keep your soul upright and dominate your life.


Think twice about the marriage your parents oppose

Two years ago, I was waiting for labor in the hospital. My sister in the next bed told me about her cousins experience, which made me feel frightened.

At that time, her cousin and brother-in-law wanted to be together, which was strongly opposed by her parents. Later, they got married by force.

Unfortunately, her child was found to have epilepsy at the age of five months. My mother-in-law insisted that she was inherited, and no one believed in any explanation.

Even her husband often pointed at her nose for humiliation, even started with her, and drove her back to her family.

Later she learned that her husband had epilepsy.

After the lie was exposed, the mother-in-law not only refused to admit it, but also insisted that she must have worn too much for her children to get the disease.

A child with epilepsy, except for her, no one cares. She went to hospitals in Beijing and Xian to treat her children.

She cried into tears holding her sick child. If she had listened to her parents, she would not have married this man or entered this house. Would the result be different?

But in the world, no matter how much you regret, it wont help.

The elder sister said that at the beginning, her uncle and aunt had seen through the familys inability, but no matter how to persuade her cousin, she would not listen or even threaten to run away from home. Because I love my daughter so much, I can only agree to this marriage. Unexpectedly

Speaking of this, she said with great emphasis:

Before marriage, we must have a physical examination. And, parents against marriage, never easy to try. Because no matter when, parents will never hurt you.

I still remember in the variety show my familys couple, the premarital examination of Xiang Zuo and Guo biting caused heated discussion.

According to the results of marriage examination, Xiang Zuos kidney has reached the function of 70 years old. Guo biting, meanwhile, was also found to have heart disease, rheumatism, arrhythmia and other problems.

Moreover, although not all marriages opposed by parents will be unhappy and have no good ending.

But marriage that is not blessed and valued by parents must have its hidden dangers and reasons.

Parents against marriage, please think twice, please be careful!

Because the people who love you most in the world never make fun of your happiness and future.


Zhihu netizen @ noone said that his classmates had seen a strange thing when they were working shifts in obstetrics.

A freshman was sent to the hospital for an emergency examination when he suddenly had abdominal pain during military training. The doctor found that the girl was wearing a belt around her stomach.

After untiing the abdominal belt, everyone was shocked, because the pregnant belly of the girl was super obvious.

Then flustered to do color ultrasound, a look, the childs head will come out! So I hurriedly pushed it to the obstetrics department. A few minutes later, the girl gave birth to a baby boy.

The doctor asked the father of the child, but the girl didnt want to say it. As a result, a boys hand was shaking when he signed, and he kept saying: mine, mine...

But when he learned that the child was full-term, the boy froze for a moment, coldly left the sentence Oh, thats not mine and left.

After the girl gave birth, her parents didnt want to come because of shame.

Later, the girl was expelled from school. Because he has no ability to support himself, the child has to be adopted by others.

Netizen @ Shi Dai said that when she was interning in obstetrics and Gynecology, she found that it was not uncommon for a young girl to be pregnant before she was married and her father was unknown.

We always say that the era is open, and that the age of sexual change has long passed. But that doesnt mean you can indulge your desires.

If you have a daughter, dont neglect sex education. Remember to tell her to protect and be responsible for herself.

No one in the world is responsible for your body but you.

When an accident happens, it is always you who suffer from the pain and loss.


Stop loss in time is the best self love

An anonymous netizen tells a story that destroys three aspects:

The husband accompanies the third child to have an examination, in the corridor met to do the abortion main room.

In a short sentence, it attracted countless people. Many people do not understand why the main room to abortion, pregnancy is not born?

The best answer was given:

The family has broken down, and the woman knows her husband has cheated, so she takes the child away and ends the marriage. She cant stand to give such a crappy boy.

In marriage, we all want to find someone to face the storm and spend the rest of our lives together. But I didnt expect that the wind and rain were brought by that man.

In a bad marriage, forbearance is never the way out. Its better to break off with a bad man in the early days than to expect that the person who takes you as grass can give you a little warmth.

Stop loss in time is the greatest wisdom in emotion, the best self love and the highest self-discipline.

In a bad marriage, you are the only one who can save you.


There is a familiar saying:

The airport witnessed more sincere kisses than the wedding hall, and the hospital walls listened to more devout prayers than the church.

In obstetrics and Gynecology, every day, there are unknown stories, or vulnerable couple relationship, or exciting life, or heartbreaking human torture.

When we lie in bed, we have a deeper understanding of marriage and family, life and life.

In fact, in our life, the requirements are very simple:

A healthy body, a loving partner and a harmonious family are enough.