Have you tested people? How do you feel?

 Have you tested people? How do you feel?

The more friends talk about it, until later, he said, peoples hearts are not just that simple. I have experienced what my friend said several times. As an active member of my friends, I often ask you to form a group, but in nine out of ten, I always come back angry. Once in a while, I met a friend and asked why I didnt play.

In fact, each of us is afraid of being rejected. We are always used to putting on a big hat for ourselves. We dont like to worry about it, but we dont know that people can stand the test and we cant bear the pressure ourselves.

Dont test your relationship easily. Maybe your relationship is not as impregnable as you think. Once a relationship is destroyed by an irresistible external force, it can no longer be repaired.

The other is that you dont care about your relationship at all, or even the harm you do to him.

And the kind of person you are always embarrassed to refuse is the general relationship between you. You care about your feelings, but you have a difficult feeling about your relationship.

The heart of man must not be tempted. Because, the result that often tests hind always lets a person chilling, once chilling, it is very difficult to cover again hot, isnt it?