Qi Wei and Jin Han talk about their next love

 Qi Wei and Jin Han talk about their next love

Lin XINGRANs home is a pattern of two halls, one room, one bathroom and two gardens (entrance garden and balcony garden). The living room is in the style of Morandi as a whole, and the main color of the space is mint green with rice white. Floor and metope use plank element in large area, build a kind of petty bourgeois and home atmosphere with texture. And the stair type bookshelf that depends on the wall can say is the bright spot of whole sitting room. The stairs are full of books, but they dont fall into a uniform monotony, which is very consistent with the arrangement of waste wood lawyers.

Because there is only one bedroom, the sofa in the living room has become the exclusive bed for living in Jiangxia!

Lin XINGRANs bedroom is separated from the living room by sliding doors.

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