Easy moment: in order to get more than 20 eggs, I spent 90000!

 Easy moment: in order to get more than 20 eggs, I spent 90000!

Have you finished all your plans this year?

You cant finish it if you havent finished it. In 60 days, start again!

Now the most important thing is, in November, please be nice to my hands and stomach. I dont want to chop my hands and eat earth any more. (poke rule)

If its really not good, I can only send leaflets to live...

As the saying goes, we should learn from him the skill of love one line, send flyers!

On October 30, a group of post-90s monkeys in Dalian, dressed in bear clothes, laid on the ground and sent leaflets to the Internet. Monkey said that in this way, it can attract interested people to ask for leaflets, and can send out 2000 to 3000 leaflets every day. Now he has gained a lot of fans. He will continue to focus on distributing flyers and doing a good job in the present.

Bear: Im lying down. Dont you look at me?

As long as ideas do not slide, there are always more ways than difficulties.

It reminds me of a flyer I met before, please help me to lose it.

Its probably called lying down and making money~

When Jiang Taigong is fishing, he who wishes will take the bait

But I think this bear is very emotional?

Bear: Im an emotional flyer machine!

I dont know if the following elder brother has more flyers. This little temper is really explosive.

On October 28, Mr. Xu called the police for help, saying that a Porsche car parked on the side of a residential community in Foshan was smashed and its window was damaged, with a loss of about 10000 yuan. Police seized the surveillance video nearby and soon arrested the suspect.

According to the suspect in a transport account, that night by the crime site, because of depressed mood, he picked up the iron bar and smashed the window of a car, then drove the electric car back to the dormitory to rest.

After being captured, the police asked him if he knew what car he was smashing. He told the police that it should be Zhongtai At present, Yu Yun is detained by the public security organ for the crime of intentionally destroying property.

Man: I didnt know it was a luxury car. I thought it was Zhongtai that I smashed!

The car logo that you dont know should be treated as Zhongtai!

I thought it was just a joke, but I didnt expect there was such an iron and Han.

I think its Zhongtais fault! He should sue Zhongtai!

After hearing the confession of the suspect, the owner of Porsche was more depressed than him: I didnt buy a Porsche to be treated as Zhongtai by you!

In the eyes of the forces, they are deceiving and afraid of hardness. Some people should say this: its Bao Shijie. I thought it was Bentley~

Its not the car you smashed, its the money. If these thieves know about it, they will be very distressed!

A little around, I give you a summary: two small secretly stole the electric vehicle stolen by the thief, so the thief stole another electric vehicle secretly!

Car thief: Hello? 110? The battery car I stole was stolen by the thief!

Well, I dont seem to know the word steal very well

This is the same root of health fried too urgent.

At best, its peer competition. Dont go online like this?

Thief: dont you understand the principle that you are not allowed to enter with others?

Electric car: why do you focus on me?

I havent asked you how you like it so much? Why dont they just steal one of your cars?

Are you too coquettish? You reflect!

Sometimes people who should be warm to each other always hurt each other.

Recently, Hangzhou Binjiang Public Security Bureau cracked a special online gambling case. The victims are all blind and amblyopia groups. The members of criminal gangs are mostly disabled people. The gambling app think of you for entertainment developed can help blind people access the Internet without barriers, with more than 5000 users. But many entertainment projects in the app cost money every step of the way, and some blind people are cheated of 230000 yuan a month.

Why do blind people suffer? They are all vulnerable groups. Isnt it good to cherish them?

To be physically disabled but not mentally disabled is to be flawed and virtuous.

This kind of person is not only blind, the heart is also blind, after all, want money to blind the heart!

However, when I saw the saying there are blind people who have been cheated of two or three hundred thousand for this one month, I felt poorer

After this double 11, I have to borrow money to live

Im really vulnerable when Im sick. Even if it is just a little cold, the heart will become very soft. So when you ask him to borrow money, the success rate is very high. (@ Nalan unruly)

Its said that you dont take advantage of the bastard. Im very happy. In order to take advantage of it, I almost saved my life.

He said that a bank in Zhengzhou was engaged in egg delivery activities for new deposits.

On September 29, Ms. Zhangs father-in-law and mother-in-law, who were in their seventies, went to the scene to deposit 30000 yuan but didnt get the eggs. The next day, they went to the bank for consultation. They were told that the money was taken out before and didnt meet the conditions for taking the eggs. Ms. Zhangs father-in-law was so angry that she had cerebral hemorrhage on the spot.

Due to missing the golden rescue time, the old man left a serious sequela, so far, he is unconscious. The old mans family said that it cost 90000 yuan to cure the disease alone, and the banks attitude towards this matter was hard for them to accept.

Lawyers believe that: the bank did not say clearly the additional conditions of giving eggs, which belong to the inducement of cheating consumers, the elderly induced diseases, both sides should bear the responsibility.

Finally let me see two vulnerable groups hurt each other this day!

Tens of thousands of dollars cant change 20 eggs. What kind of chicken is it? Can you produce such expensive eggs?

Come on, save the money here, Ill give you 50!

I dont know when the egg has a magic power to the old Chinese.

Bus Lin Daiyu, supermarket Fang Shiyu.

What does this sentence say? It means that eggs are good for our health!

So, Im sick. Give me a few Jin of eggs~

Of course, eggs should be eaten less. After all, they are not good for chickens~

Skills of the four great gods of modern Chinese aunt: half price and half price

Hard core fitness wont breathe

Garbage sorting calls every day

Wang, from Taiyuan, has been dating a woman who claims to be 28 years old with a house and a car through wechat. When he asked for a meeting, the woman asked her mother to keep the appointment on the grounds of illness. Mr. Wang found out that he had been cheated after giving the other party 25000 yuan.

Police investigation found that the woman was a retired worker in her 50s, pretending to be a young girl after the 90s, and many men fell in love online, defrauding 50000 yuan.

Do you hear me! The post-90s are Miaoling! Young people!

With the best sound transformer, open the most fierce beauty, cheat the richest straight man.

Mr. Wang: my money is blind, and so am I!

The most beautiful but the sunset red, warm and calm

Its not the old man getting bad. Its the bad guy getting old

A retired aunt can still make full use of her waste heat in the fraud business, and she can make a lot of money by stepping on multiple boats.

And you still want to retire! What are your qualifications for retirement? Work hard for me!

If those who steal and cheat are all poor, you are worth tens of millions, whats the name of this?

Recently, Anhui Tianchang, a man reported to the police that his Samoye had been lost and suspected of being stolen. Police investigation and monitoring found that the dog thief was Lin, who admitted the fact of stealing the dog.

Samoye: godfather, you finally came to pick me up?

Boss: he wants to come up by himself. I cant help it!

Dog: thats how my dream of being a rich family was broken

Fortunately, I like dogs. If I like a lovely child, its not such a light punishment as detention.

From this story, we can see that the three silly sledges are indeed worthy of the name.

I remember that there was a news in Suzhou a few days ago. Mr. Chen found that his husky disappeared suddenly. When he was transferred to the surveillance room, he found that the dog had been taken away by someone. But the husky, who was over 40 Jin, didnt move at all At present, the two suspects are detained on suspicion of theft.

The next day, the thief looked at the demolished house and brought the dog back in tears~

Fashion wear with husky elements

Ive seen people who cant think about it, but I havent seen people who cant think about it.

Product phase so good erha, why does the owner bolt on the tree and leave it at home, dont you have points in mind?

I think its the family who wants to decorate it, right?

In reaching an agreement with the bad guys, erha has never let people down.

Erha: when encountering the robber, you should calm down and dont provoke the other party to prevent the other party from hurting yourself. Am I wrong?

Brave as a coward, wise as a fool. Its hard for me to explain with your intelligence

After this event, the master is at ease. At least these two HA are quite pure~

Well, its said that Dabao also wants to buy a erha. I have to help her to have a look. Its pure and impure.

Well, itll be here in a minute. See you later~

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