Properly addressing core concerns is a prerequisite for reaching an agreement

 Properly addressing core concerns is a prerequisite for reaching an agreement

On the evening of November 1, Liu He, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council and Chinas leader of the China US comprehensive economic dialogue, spoke with us trade representative lait sizer and finance minister mu nuqin at their invitation. The two sides discussed carefully and constructively on how to properly solve their respective core concerns, and reached a consensus in principle. The two sides discussed the next consultation arrangement.

The statement is short and heavy.

Especially in the voice of the Chinese sideu2014u2014

In the leaders call a week ago, both parties agreed to properly address their core concerns, which was further confirmed in the call on the 1st.

During this period of time, in the backstage message, Chinas core concerns were asked more, and many views and concerns were expressed.

As a matter of fact, as early as may, this issue was made clearu2014u2014

Chinas three core concerns must be addressed. First, we will eliminate all tariffs. Tariffs are the starting point of trade disputes between the two sides. If an agreement is to be reached, all the added tariffs must be cancelled. Second, trade procurement figures should be in line with the reality. Both sides have reached consensus on trade procurement figures in Argentina and should not change them at will. Third, to improve the text balance, any country has its own dignity, and the agreement text must be balanced. At present, there are still some key issues to be discussed.

These core concerns have not changed.

As for the US side, it has been clear for a long time that the core concerns in the field of agricultural product procurement have always been prominent.

The process of Sino US economic and trade talks over more than a year shows that properly addressing the core concerns of both sides is the prerequisite for reaching an agreement.

In particular, for China, the ultimate elimination of all tariffs is a core concern that has never changed and will not change. Even if it is a phased agreement, this core concern should also be reflected.

If the core concerns are not well resolved, some issues will not be closed and will remain unresolved.

If a consensus can be reached on core concerns, the process of resolving outstanding issues will be accelerated.

If we keep this trend, we will be closer to a phased agreement.

Its the same thingu2014u2014

Keep rational and calm, prepare for both sides, and continue to walk in opposite directions.