Why dont successful people like to make friends? These six internal causes are hurting ordinary people

 Why dont successful people like to make friends? These six internal causes are hurting ordinary people

[2] poor cost performance.

Now is the best time to create wealth. Smart people are busy learning and mastering the trend of the times. Everyone knows that pigs can fly when standing in the tuyere. Only those who study hard and practice hard can make money. In this era, people who complain that they cant afford a house or a car should also reflect on their Inaction. Successful people are those who study the development trend of the industry and seize the opportunity. Smart people either strive to improve their market price, or use experience and skills to make money in the main business and sideline part-time. Most ordinary people play in their friends circle for entertainment, while smart people play in self media to make money.

In order to protect their interests, some elite of coal country invented the pacifier effect, which is to continuously develop all kinds of entertainment games and social media, so that the poor can enjoy themselves in real time and immerse themselves in recreation, just like a child crying and stuffing a pacifier. The essence of the circle of friends is social entertainment media. Ordinary people are easy to fall into the laziness of instant pleasure. They are not tired for a few hours, but they are too tired to work for a few hours. In fact, successful and intelligent people dont make friends, that is to prevent themselves from falling into the black hole of laziness, save time to study, progress, make money, keep fit, and maximize the benefits of life.

[4] mystery of people.

Only actors and ordinary people want to create so-called human settings through the circle of friends. Many stupid employees would like to live in the delicate circle of friends. On the contrary, the real smart and successful people let others see through human design at a glance? Leaders with a little bit of positions began to maintain a sense of mystery, which made others unable to figure it out. The city was deep and awe inspiring. Its not a good thing that leaders often make friends and people set up has been figured out. The sense of distance and mystery is often a kind of leadership.

Why do ordinary people like to make friends? Many people pretend to live in the virtual world, show the beautiful things, and cause the envy of others. In fact, this is the lack of self-confidence, the lack of a strong sense of existence, and vanity driven. Smart people know that without strength, any brush out of the sense of existence is useless. Successful people dont need a sense of existence. When ordinary people brush the circle of friends to find a sense of existence, successful people have begun to enjoy the fun of solitude. If you have nothing to do, you can brush the circle of friends. The compensation psychology is too heavy. If you dont like others, how much can you achieve.

[6] streamline social interaction.

There are not hundreds of thousands of peoples names in the address book. 90% of peoples names cant be hit. They havent been contacted for 800 years, as long as they are suddenly contacted with someone who is either borrowing money or getting married. Ordinary people believe that they rely on friends, many friends and many ways to go out, advocate pseudo human pulse learning, for fear of losing one chance. Successful people think of themselves as valuable, and contacts are resources. There are no forever friends in the world, only forever interests. Its better to come from flowers and butterflies than to manage contacts.

Now in the circle of friends, there are other valuable things besides spreading hot spots, basking in happiness, showing off wealth, wechat business, asking for praise, canvassing tickets, chicken soup, health care and other qualitative information. In the big HuLong party, smart people will no longer waste facial expressions and money. Three or five friends get together to exchange feelings and exchange resources. The more social contact is simplified, the more fulfilling life is.

Todays circle of friends is not the original quadrangle, but the Grand Courtyard with a mixture of fish and dragons. More and more smart people and successful people are not willing to open those dynamic update little red dots. If you care about peoples virtual circle, its better to manage your own real circle. The reason why successful people succeed is to pursue the value-added thing with the highest cost performance. It is a devaluation behavior to immerse in the circle of friends.