Rich second generation girlfriends who are chased by fans

 Rich second generation girlfriends who are chased by fans

So Lao Wu called another girl. Of course, its not worth writing in. We just call her nobody.

Xiaoyu is a little idol, which Lao Wu told us later. At first, Xiao Yu, whom Lao Wu saw in a popular official microblog that specializes in art portraits, followed the official Aite to touch Xiao Yus microblog. In his words, I didnt see a woman, I saw love. Mens love is too superficial.

Xiaoyu played with us many times before drinking with us. Before drinking, Lao Wu also told us to drink normally this time. I said that we drink normally is not normal, you should say let us never normal.

Its hard for Wu to chase Xiaoyu, because there are so many handsome guys around Xiaoyu. I think girls will make some money and live their own lives. They are pretty good-looking, so they dont have much demand for the second generation of the rich. Because they know that the second generation of the rich is very playful, and there are so many women playing. When they fall in love, they will be discussed with I know on their faces. Its too tired. Its not worth the loss u3002

As a result, after drinking too much, everyone plays the game whether you have me drinking or not. One girl said, press your fingers through your lingerie. Xiaoyu presses his finger. Old Wu was shocked on the face. Xiaoyu said, Im in the entertainment circle anyway. What is this scene? Now we are shocked, because Lao Wu says Xiaoyu is an angel pure girl. I dont mean to wear lingerie or angel. I just think that what Lao Wu likes may be the simple feather he imagines. But to be fair, Xiaoyu is very clever, which makes Lao Wu have an illusion. Then up to now, Xiaoyu and old Wu are still very kind, and Xiaoyu and we drink very cool, not coy at all. We all like Xiaoyu very much. Sometimes we will tease old Wu He De how he can be so lucky and find an angel who can wear funny underwear. What does this mean? It means that you will love even if you show your love.