When a boyfriend sends these words to you, it proves that he is under a lot of pressure. Further talking will only crush his feelings

 When a boyfriend sends these words to you, it proves that he is under a lot of pressure. Further talking will only crush his feelings

Because he gambled recently, I asked him to put the money here, but he still secretly turned the money back to continue gambling without my knowledge. He had been talking about gambling with him before, and he still went his own way. I said that if you gamble again, I really dont care about you.

After it happened again, I was so angry that I packed my bags and wanted to leave. Several times before, he coaxed me to come back. He said, are you willing to give up so many years of affection? I really dont want to, so even if this time he said: do you really want to leave? OK, you dont have to regret it. In the end, it didnt work out.

No matter what I say, he will take it back. I subconsciously think you wont let me. Ive talked to him about this issue. His response is because the other party is you, so I have no scruples, just say what I think..

The following chat record doesnt remember what I said, what he hated me, what he didnt say (he cant say it every time, and he is angry with himself), so he went out by himself

Last year, I asked cold love questions, explained too emotional and communicated problems, but I couldnt help but talk about him. I was impatient when I said too much.

Im especially afraid to see that he convinced me to look like this again. What Im most afraid of when Im together is that he doesnt pay attention to me. If he doesnt pay attention to me, he will make trouble. What should I do if I want Leng AI to help me analyze it?

Cold love reply:

After reading the chat record, you can say that you are a girl who doesnt understand the customs. So, I will give you three suggestions:

First, chat rhythm.

First of all, two people should be balanced.

When you send out a large row of question marks and a lot of things, the other party is just sleepy and MMM, which means that he doesnt want to talk. He feels very bored, and for him, so much information may be a kind of pressure.

So, if any time the chat goes into an unbalanced state, dont talk.

What you have to think about is what you send, what he sends, and the number of words that two people send should be about the same, which is a better state. The large number of question marks you send is a great pressure on people on the other side of the dialog.

Second, you are a typical knife mouth tofu heart.

Maybe you want to care about each other, but this kind of care is said in a reproachful tone, what now hog cholera, meat bags dare to eat? In fact, you are concerned about each others health, but such a saying has become a tone of blaming him in communication, making others very uncomfortable.

Third, if you want to have a happy life, you should learn to be the creator and promoter of emotions, not a taker.

Will create a push-pull environment, will flirt, will chat, interesting, let others feel interesting.

To be the person who actively provides conversation motivation is like taking a small notebook to write down, and then giving others something fun.

And now you, you are the one who takes, what do you say to others: I hope you can pet me, what I hope you can do.

You need other people to provide emotion and motivation. You are not the one who can provide emotion and motivation. So its important to remember not to be a requester all the time in a relationship, but a provider.