Cheating men often use these four words to deal with their wives. Dont be fooled

 Cheating men often use these four words to deal with their wives. Dont be fooled

If a man and other women send ambiguous news, send red envelopes. His wife wants to see it, but he hides his mobile phone, saying that he just talked with each other for a while, blaming his wife for not being generous. Excuse me, cheating man, when you have children outside, can your wife take care of you? Of course, the wife should not be exposed on the spot, because there is no evidence, instead, he was beaten upside down, and do not pretend not to know. Leave it to yourself and find a way to stop the loss while things are not more serious.

3. I fell in love with the third party, you either accept or divorce.

If a man uses the theory of true love to beat his wife and let her compromise. The man who can say this is either in the infatuation period, or his wife has filed for divorce too many times before, but he did not see his wifes actual action, instead, he put his wife in the army and wanted her to shut up.

4. I just play with her. What I love most is you. She cant threaten you.

When a mans infidelity is found, he brainwashes his wife and constantly confuses her with rhetoric. The wife cant help but wait for the cheating man to automatically terminate with his lover. But the real situation is that the cheating man plays with fire, the lover is pregnant and refuses to kill, and constantly threatens the man and his wife with the help of the child. His wife suffered from all kinds of torture and tried to clean up the mess for the cheating man.