If women often do these three things in marriage, you need to be careful

 If women often do these three things in marriage, you need to be careful

If a woman complains more about her man, the more she complains about her marriage. The more she talks about divorce, the more she always talks about divorce. Even if she didnt quarrel, she always talked about divorce. If the couple quarreled, she would cry for divorce. Even if its not the real idea in her heart, if she talks too much, the fake will become true, and she will subconsciously focus on other men. She may be good with other men before she gets divorced.

2. Always refuse the intimate contact of husband

Between husband and wife, there should be a normal husband and wife life, hugging, kissing and more intimate contact between them, so that two peoples hearts can be closer.

If a woman refuses her husbands request for intimate contact, it is equivalent to extrapolating her man. The old man likes you, loves you and has you in his heart. But when he is rejected by his wife again and again, he will gradually chill, and his wifes position in his mind will gradually decline, and the man will only become more and more inactive.

Women do not want to be close to their own men, which can only show a problem, that is, they do not love men enough, or even dislike men, so that women who have no feelings for men are prone to extramarital affairs.

3. Frequently scold men

No one is perfect, no matter men or women, there will be a good side, of course, there will be a bad side. People who love you will always see the good side, and usually ignore the bad side. Men and women in marriage should be tolerant to each other, do not care too much about each others shortcomings, and learn more about each others small problems, so that the two will last for a long time.