Through thorns, we can understand the meaning of respect: dont let women fall into the cycle of hurt again

 Through thorns, we can understand the meaning of respect: dont let women fall into the cycle of hurt again

After three years of hard work, I finally got a gratifying letter of acceptance. I really want to go out to see the outside world, but my father also said that it is reasonable. As the eldest daughter of my family, I should think more about this family. Maybe I am too selfish. In fact, normal school is a pretty right choice.

Bad boys in college seem to like to bully honest girls. No matter how they refuse, its useless. Even worse, they say, the more you resist, the more I want you. Only when I catch up with you can I have a sense of achievement.. This kind of domineering trick of courtship by the president is both conventional and disgusting.

Three months of fighting day and night, winning key projects for the company, and the joy of being praised and recognized has not yet spread. The whispers under the award platform are like five thunders, just because I am a girl, so all the efforts are not so important to them.

The men all said: the first time for a girl is for her husband, but the first time for a boy is not important. Its not a virgin girl. Its like a used instrument, which is no longer valuable. But has anyone ever told men what responsibility is?

After marriage, womens mission seems to be defined. Only like their mothers and grandmothers, who continue to enjoy the family, take good care of their husbands, and serve their parents in law, can they be a qualified wife. Finally, the opportunity of companys expatriate study was compromised under the Persuasion of family members.

When my mother-in-law nagged me to give him a grandson, she couldnt help thinking. If my mother could choose to give birth to a boy and a girl, would I still have the chance to come to this world? Is it true that only a boy can carry on his family?

Compared with the pain of giving birth to a baby, what really breaks me down is the persistence of the mother-in-law outside the delivery room and the silence of the husband. Nine dead life, my daughter and I are tenacious to survive. At the moment when I walked out of the hospital, I decided that I would never let my daughter go on my old way again. It was time to stop the cycle of prejudice and harm to women.

The society is open enough, but there are still many risks for women.

From the birth of a girl, the society has set many obstacles for women: the concept of son preference, the resistance on the way to school, the harassment and discrimination in the workplace after adulthood, the unequal rights in marriage Only when these obstacles are seen, realized and resolved can women usher in real equality and freedom.

It is an important step of self-development to face the real world and to face the real self.

Every womans light is not only to illuminate others way, but also to bloom for herself and cheer for her life.

The story is adapted from the real case of Chen Lans new book become the leading role, which is written to every girl who has suffered a lot in her original family We will nurture ourselves and grow together.