How do you spend your evening waking up like a new life

 How do you spend your evening waking up like a new life

Author Liang Shuang

01 A Reader left a message: I cant get up at five in the morning like you do after reading the book, but I can go out five minutes earlier, make good use of commuting time, and take breakfast seriously, so I can really earn money, and I want to know how you spend the night before going to bed after supper. Thank you for your questions and share the way I opened my evening. My energy terrain is typically high in the morning and low in the evening. Looking at the energy curve, getting up early is the peak. After writing, commuting to work, and working in the morning, the energy continues to decline. Although the afternoon nap brings the energy to a small climax, after working in the afternoon, commuting from work, and returning home, I feel physically and mentally tired, emotionally tired, flash memory increased, and brain speed reduced. I didnt take the evening seriously before. I used to take a days plan in the morning. I used to get up in the morning, and I kept my treasure in the morning. So I spent many nights in ignorance. These bad evening samples let me not rest well, nor can I learn to go in. Sometimes, after a meal, I lie on the sofa and doze off, but I cant sleep after I wake up; I have poor emotional self-control, and I discuss problems with my husband excessively, which leads to my anger more difficult to sleep. Sometimes, my study anxiety forces me to recharge in the evening, and my energy balance is insufficient. The open books stay on the same page for a long time, so its easy to be dazed and distracted, and its hard to achieve high-intensity study. In what do I talk about when I talk about running, Murakami said: get up at 5 a.m. and go to bed before 10 p.m. in a day, the most active time of body function varies from person to person. I am a few hours in the morning, during which I concentrate on completing important work. The time that follows is either for exercise, or for chores, and for jobs that dont require a high level of concentration. At dusk, I will relax, stop working, reading or listening to music, relax and go to bed as soon as possible. I live on this model in general. In the past 20 years, my work has been smooth and efficient.


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