A man may be partial, but he may be generous for the rest of his life

 A man may be partial, but he may be generous for the rest of his life

Good evening, friends

Heres uncles note. Its 9:30 every night

Accompany you through your years, cure you in between the lines

Here are 10 notes carefully selected by uncle for you

No matter how long it takes, you dont have to look back. Im behind you, softer than spring.

Be kind to a road fool, because once she enters your heart, its hard to go out again.

The person in the dream should see him when he wakes up. Life is so simple!

If you dont eat other peoples food, dont take their words to heart.

I like flowers in spring, trees in summer, dusk in autumn, sunshine in winter, and you every day.

Someone will hold you on the top of their heart and love you. Someone will protect your girls heart and let you believe in love again.

Its late at night. Please take three steps every day. You can shield yourself from the past, but dont let your future self not progress at all.

I dont want to have love and justice, I just want to have money and you.

Maugham said, its not easy to get a heartbeat in any moment. Dont neglect it. Like a person, that is, there are endless words, endless days of conversation. And let the human hearts words, is a sentiment fresh-keeping agent, added a little sweetness to the plain life.

Whats the most exciting love talk youve ever heard? Uncle first: I think you may be busy? Can you take a look at the first three words?

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