Hello in November: I wish you all the things you want and a smooth way

 Hello in November: I wish you all the things you want and a smooth way

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See you in October and hello in November. All things are renewed, and old diseases will be healed. I wish you all the things you ask for, a smooth way to go, more joy and peace.

Store romance in autumn, so as to present it to you in winter.

You should believe that the person who will spend his life with you in the future, in fact, is also suffering from the same loneliness as you, and that person must also be full of expectation and meet you constantly.

Happiness is actually a very simple thing. It can be the gentle feeling on your face when you are blown by the breeze in spring, the pleasant feeling when you are sweating in summer and drinking ice cola, the beautiful and elegant sense of freedom when you wear a long skirt in autumn, and the happiness when you eat a hot pot in winter.

Dont worry. Year after year, spring doesnt have to be early. Winter frost wont be late. All the past will pass, all the coming ones are on the way, everything is just right.

If you are not happy enough, dont lock your brows. Life is short, why cultivate bitterness.

u2014u2014If you are not happy

Hope your life in the future: gentle and interesting, not too fierce; three meals and four seasons, not too hasty.

Lu Yaos life has written a saying: life is always like this, cant make people satisfied everywhere. But we still have to live passionately. People live a lifetime, there are many things to love, dont be discouraged because one is not satisfied.

This is life, give you bitter, will give you honey. Bitterness may be more than honey, but the sweetness after bitterness must be extra sweet. There are only two months left in 2019. I hope you can all get over the bitterness and hear the good news from the late wind.

So, lets talk today. Lets talk about a wish to be realized in November.

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One says a wish to come true in November.

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