Petition concert: the biggest reunion, this is the biggest farewell

 Petition concert: the biggest reunion, this is the biggest farewell

Well, isnt that another sense of ritual. There is no ashtray in the new house, so take a bowl instead. Ha ha, is it just casual or down to earth? Well, Huang Ju over there has sung a song without a name. Then, I saw all the creators of the petition. I heard the host say: last night is the most grand reunion, tonight is the most grand farewell. Well, I dont know what will happen after tonight; Ill talk about it later.

Just now, I accidentally pressed something. Almost the document was not saved, open - fortunately, all the text is still there. First of all, the creators are talking. Who is the first person they meet? The most lovely one is Wang Yibo. He said that the first one he saw was the driver, and now he is still his driver. As expected, its the master who doesnt play cards according to common sense. Looking at him, he said solemnly - its estimated that the host was depressed. Dude, its really you.


Then came out Mr. Lin Hai. Well, thank you very much. No one knows the real ending of Chen Qing Ling. Its the specious Wei Ying, and then all the pictures stop abruptly. You say, how can it be enough? Even if we do it by ourselves, its not enough. The ideal is always full, but the reality is bone feeling. Teacher Lin Hai said: unruly is very difficult to sing, thank Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo.

Well, more people thank Mr. Lin Hai. Besides, LAN Zhan really said you are very good, I like you. In addition, Wei Yings various concerns - this is the person LAN Zhan put on the top of his heart. Next, the picture of Wei Ying and LAN Zhan standing side by side. Yes, that should be the real ending. Wei Ying and LAN Zhan live in the dark clouds. They are really becoming Taoists.


The netizen who couldnt see the live network told me that she was abroad. Well, what a pity. Paying for tickets long ago is the result. I told her it didnt matter. There will be a lot of gags on the Internet. Now its the time when the actors are recalling their performance. From time to time, the pictures show Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, who occasionally listen carefully with their heads down, and occasionally say something in a low voice. Look, there is no cover up lonely.

As I said, I am a sensitive person. Maybe, I will enlarge my personal thoughts somehow. The actors said that summers petition and seemed to have tears in their eyes. I dont know how long they have been on the crew. But this time must be the most unforgettable stage of their life. For us, petition has been with us all summer. In the future, I will accompany you in other ways!

Tonight, the second and last performance of Guofeng concert of petition order. This is the biggest reunion, this is the biggest farewell