Wu zhuoxis loss at Chen shancongs wedding party

 Wu zhuoxis loss at Chen shancongs wedding party

Yuan Weihao witnesses Chen shancong as a man with waist and bone

Yuan Weihao and Zhang Baoer, the couple, appeared together. Yuan Weihao attended Chen shancongs registration ceremony last morning, but he didnt drink the tea poured by a new couple. When he saw Chen shancongs oath, he was very moved. He laughed at Chen shancongs true feelings and shed tears. He also said that he had known Chen shancong for a long time, and witnessed him as a man with a waist bone. He laughed at himself that he was still in line, and would certainly inform you of the good news. Although Zhang Baoer didnt attend the registration ceremony, she was moved to see the clip.

Wu Yongwei and her husband congratulated each other. She mocked herself as a great aunt, but she was only Chen shancongs sister. If Chen shancong really poured tea for her, she would be very happy. She said with a smile, I will force him to pour tea for me. She also praised the registration ceremony in the morning and was moved. She couldnt help tears watching the live broadcast. Whats the gift? She smiled and said that she was willing to cross the sea to attend the wedding banquet. She pointed out that Chen shancong and Chen shancong were brothers and sisters in need. She was very happy to see Chen shancongs good performance this year. She not only made plays popular, but also stepped into another step in her life. She hoped that he would be happy to see his third birthday, and praised apple, the bride, for being virtuous, generous and gentle. She was a good wife. In order to change Chen shancong, Chen shancong also matured Many, expect two people to give birth to children quickly, oneself very hope to be aunt.

Guests at the ceremony include: Chen Wei, Bao Ge, Lin Weichen, Tan Junyan, Ao jianian, Li shigu, Zhu Zhixian, Xie Dongmin, Chen Zhanpeng, Shan wenrou, Liang Jinghui, Hu Xinger, Yuan Weihao, Zhang Baoer, Ma Dezhong, Huang Zhiwen, Tang Shiyong, Yao Ziling, Miao Qiaowei and San Sao, Zeng Zhiwei and she Shiman, while Lin Feng, who has heard of the wedding, made his first public appearance with his fiancee.

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