The camouflage effect is excellent. The PLAs new camouflage clothes are coming

 The camouflage effect is excellent. The PLAs new camouflage clothes are coming

In the regular press conference of the Ministry of national defense on October 31, 2019, Wu Qian, director of the information bureau of the Ministry of national defense and spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, said: in order to adapt to the requirements of national defense and military reform and better meet the needs of military combat readiness training, we have optimized and improved the color, pattern, fabric and logo clothing of the clothing based on the 07 camouflage clothing, developed and designed the new camouflage clothing, and here The 7th military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China. In the next step, the whole army will be distributed in succession as planned.

Lets have an exclusive look at the new camouflage clothes

In the main color block pattern, there are countless little dots, like stars

Camouflage clothing is not only the external image of a powerful division, but also the camouflage of soldiers in the field environment. Only in appearance, it is difficult to distinguish the new camouflage clothing wearers military species. It has returned to the most fundamental use of camouflage, camouflage and concealment

Camouflage is two parts of camouflage, namely fan and color. Its pattern design is responsible for disorganization of lines, cutting off the outline color. Its color scheme is responsible for integration into the environment. The new camouflage has good camouflage effect and has certain ability of terrain universality

The camouflage effect of the color scheme is ultimately auxiliary. What really determines the camouflage effect is fan, that is, the pattern design is also the most difficult part of the design

This kind of camouflage clothing is one kind of camouflage with good camouflage effect, and another kind of camouflage also has good effect

At longer distances, camouflage shows the first effect

At closer range, this camouflage has a second effect

In general, our armys new camouflage suit has excellent camouflage effect in the near and far

Source: editor in charge of global network: Lin Zhiheng