Chen shancong and his girlfriend outside the circle take vows at their wedding ceremony

 Chen shancong and his girlfriend outside the circle take vows at their wedding ceremony

Before the wedding banquet, a couple of newlyweds saw the media in advance. The bride wore a low breasted white wedding dress and Chen shancong wore a black pattern suit. When Chen shancong kisses his wife with a smile, his wifes expression is stiff. He explains that its natural for his wife to be nervous, because she hasnt tried to meet a large group of people, and she has to prepare to make up her whole head from the beginning of the morning, so shes not used to dancing around.

Chen shancong said that he signed the paper registration and poured tea for his parents yesterday morning. When asked about the moving position, Chen shancong said: there are two moving places. The first is when I read the oath, I took many touching dialogues in the drama for many years and thought that I would be cool. But when I picked up the card and read my name, I began to cry, so I had to bear to finish the oath. Instead, my wife expected it The second is to serve tea to the elders. As for the moving position of his wife, Chen shancong believed that when his mother-in-law wore her wedding dress for her, his wife said to her mother not to worry, and she finally got married.

Chen shancong is happy and grateful for his wife, because they have been together for six years and can now step into another stage of life together. Seeing that the wedding rings on their hands are quite dazzling, Chen shancong said, there are about two carats. In fact, my wife hasnt asked for anything. She has always supported me. I have the ability to give her happiness.

Ive been busy working, denying my wifes happiness

Before marriage, it was always said that the bride was pregnant. Chen shancong denied, follow your fate. If God gives you something, we will cherish it. Is this years goal a happy one? Chen shancong said: ordinary people, of course, hope that Golden Night mansion has an award, the Best Drama Award. In fact, I have been busy shooting stride, until the day before yesterday still have to start, there is no time to build people. On honeymoon, Chen shancong said that due to the working relationship, he would not plan to arrive until next year, and his wife is a person who is afraid of the cold and believes that she will go to a warmer place.

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