North Koreas test news is more accurate than Japans later South Korean army argues

 North Koreas test news is more accurate than Japans later South Korean army argues

According to Yonhap on November 1, Yonhap released the news of North Koreas launch of the aircraft at 4:50 p.m. local time on October 31, while Japans maritime security agency released relevant information 10 minutes earlier and reminded the ship to pay attention to safety. In response, the above-mentioned South Korean military personnel pointed out that this does not mean that the South Korean side detected the launch later than Japan, because more accurate information needs to be provided, and the release of information is later than Japan. The military is accumulating information about North Koreas test firing activities, and there is no problem with the response system.

Another person said that both from the perspective of geographical location and advanced equipment, South Korea and the United States can detect the relevant situation of the DPRK more timely and accurately than Japan, but the ROK attaches more importance to accuracy, so it cant be considered that the ROK military response system has problems because the news is released later than Japan.

Previously, South Korea threatened to abolish the gsomia on Japans trade restriction with South Korea. The South Korean military has always stressed that Japan relies more on the North Korean information sharing provided by the gsomia than South Korea.

However, the Yonhap news agency reported that this time, Japan did not request information about the North Korean test launch. If the South Korean government decides not to change, the MIA will be terminated at 12 p.m. on November 22.

Source: responsible editor of observer network: Lin Zhiheng ufe63 ny9285