Nanshan parturient was dropped off the operating table after caesarean section! Hospital response: operational error

 Nanshan parturient was dropped off the operating table after caesarean section! Hospital response: operational error

Accident after cesarean section

Pregnant women suddenly fall into bed

At about 1 a.m. on June 25, Ms. Liu gave birth to a baby girl. However, after the operation, in the process of medical staff moving Ms. Liu from the operating table to the transfer bed, there was an accident, which caused Ms. Liu to fall on the ground.

Victim: waist injury

Produce psychological shadow

After CT examination and diagnosis, Ms. Lius waist was damaged. Although it has been more than four months, Ms. Liu said that she has never been able to sit up and feed her baby. She still needs to wipe the medicine regularly every day. The experience of falling off the operating table has caused a lot of psychological shadow for Ms. Liu.

After the incident, Ms. Lius husband said that they had communicated with HKU hospital many times, and the hospital said that it could bear the corresponding treatment costs of Ms. Lius waist injury, but the two sides had not reached a consensus on other compensation costs.

According to her husband

Over the past four months, the hospital has no solution

He was not informed of the treatment of the medical staff involved

And didnt let him check the video

Now, things are finally getting better

Hong Kong University Shenzhen hospital made a written response!

Hospital response: the matter has not been solved so far

Due to the family members objection to the compensation amount

From the middle of August to now, the staff of the patient relationship department has contacted Ms. Lius family for many times, but the mobile phones have not been answered, and the wechat contact of the staff of the patient relationship department has also been deleted.

Half year bonus deducted for medical staff involved

Hong Kong University Shenzhen Hospital said Ms. Liu fell to the ground in the process of changing her bed because of medical staffs misoperation. On the day of the incident, the hospital arranged an independent ward for Ms. Liu, and arranged consultation with neurologists and ophthalmologists on the issue of dizziness and blurred vision reflected by Ms. Liu. No abnormality was found.

As for the problem of waist injury reflected by Ms. Liu, the consultation result of orthopedic doctors was bilateral isthmic fissure of the fifth lumbar vertebra, which was an old injury and had nothing to do with the fall. The swelling of the subcutaneous soft tissue of the patients back was considered to be the normal soft tissue edema reaction after lumbar puncture under anesthesia.

The operation room, anesthesiology department and obstetric supervisor went to the ward together on July 1 and apologized to Ms. Liu in person. And deal with the nurses and doctors involved: the nurses and doctors involved deduct the bonus for half a year, report the criticism in the Department, arrange the post retraining immediately, and improve and optimize the process of moving patients.

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