The first Jiangxi airlines in East China will receive the first ARJ21

 The first Jiangxi airlines in East China will receive the first ARJ21

The main 90 seat economy class layout is adopted in the cabin. The cabin color is the familiar Xiamen air blue. The seats are equipped with very practical USB charging equipment.

It is reported that the plane painted with Jiangxi Airlines logo will be carried by the passenger transport camp in early 2020 after being approved by CAAC. Jiangxi Airlines plans to introduce five ARJ21 aircrafts one after another by 2021, and take Jinggangshan, Ganzhou, Nanchang and other airports as operation bases to connect the whole country.

ARJ21 aircraft is a new type of turbofan regional aircraft with independent intellectual property rights developed by our country. It has 78-90 seats and a range of 2225-3700 km. It has good high temperature and plateau performance, and is especially suitable for the takeoff and landing conditions of airports in the central and western regions and the northern regions of China and the requirements of complex route obstacle crossing. The aircraft has the comfortability comparable to the main line airliner, the cabin is higher and wider than the same type of aircraft, and the arrangement distance of economy class is loose.

Source: responsible editor of civil aviation resources network: Lin Zhiheng