Whats the next step? 13 sentences in the communique of the fourth plenary session

 Whats the next step? 13 sentences in the communique of the fourth plenary session

How to advance this major strategic task? The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee proposed that these aspects should be adhered to and improved:

1. Adhere to and improve the partys leadership system, and improve the partys scientific, democratic and legal governance

We should establish a system that does not forget the original intention and keeps the mission in mind, improve the systems that firmly uphold the authority of the Party Central Committee and centralized and unified leadership, improve the overall leadership system of the party, improve the systems that govern for and rely on the people, improve the system that improves the partys ability to govern and the level of leadership, and improve the system that comprehensively and strictly governs the party.

2. Adhere to and improve the peoples system of ownership and develop socialist democracy

We should adhere to and improve the fundamental political system of the peoples Congress, the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, consolidate and develop the most extensive patriotic united front, the system of regional national autonomy, and the system of grassroots peoples autonomy, which is full of vitality.

3. Adhere to and improve the legal system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and improve the ability of the party to rule the country according to law

We must unswervingly follow the socialist road of rule of law with Chinese characteristics, comprehensively promote the rule of law, adhere to the common promotion of rule of law, rule of law and administration according to law, and adhere to the construction of a country under the rule of law, a government under the rule of law and a society under the rule of law.

4. Adhere to and improve the socialist administrative system with Chinese characteristics, and build a government governance system with clear responsibilities and administration according to law

We must adhere to the principle that all administrative organs serve the people, are responsible for the people and subject to the supervision of the people, innovate administrative methods, improve administrative efficiency and build a service-oriented government that the people are satisfied with.

5. Adhere to and improve the basic socialist economic system and promote high-quality economic development

We must adhere to the basic socialist economic system, give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, give better play to the role of the government, fully implement the new development concept, adhere to the supply side structural reform as the main line, and accelerate the construction of a modern economic system.

6. Adhere to and improve the system of prosperity and development of advanced socialist culture, and consolidate the common ideological basis for the unity and struggle of all the people

We should adhere to the fundamental system of Marxisms guiding position in the field of ideology, adhere to the system of leading cultural construction with socialist core values, improve the system of safeguarding peoples cultural rights and interests, improve the mechanism of guiding public opinion that adheres to the correct direction, and establish and improve the system and mechanism of cultural creation and production that puts social benefits first and integrates social and economic benefits.

We must improve the national basic public service system in terms of education for the young, education for the learning, income from work, medical care for the sick, support for the elderly, living in a certain place, and support for the weak. We must pay attention to strengthening the construction of peoples livelihood that is inclusive, basic, and comprehensive, so as to ensure the basic life of the masses.

We need to improve the promotion mechanism that is conducive to fuller and higher quality employment, build an education system that serves the whole peoples lifelong learning, improve the social security system that covers the whole people, and strengthen the system guarantee that improves the peoples health level. We will resolutely win the battle against poverty and establish a long-term mechanism to solve relative poverty.

8. Adhere to and improve the social governance system of CO governance and sharing to maintain social stability and national security

We must strengthen and innovate social governance, improve the system of social governance under the leadership of the Party committee, the responsibility of the government, democratic consultation, social coordination, public participation, legal protection, and scientific and technological support, build a community of social governance that everyone is responsible for, everyone is responsible for, and everyone enjoys, and ensure that people live and work in peace, social stability and order, and build a higher level of safe China.

We should implement the strictest system of ecological environment protection, establish a system of efficient utilization of resources, improve the system of ecological protection and restoration, and strictly define the responsibility system of ecological environment protection.

10. Adhere to and improve the partys absolute leadership system over the peoples army to ensure that the peoples army faithfully performs its mission in the new era

11. Adhere to and improve the system of one country, two systems to promote the peaceful reunification of the motherland

The Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions must be governed in strict accordance with the Constitution and the basic law, so as to maintain their long-term prosperity and stability. We will establish and improve the legal system and enforcement mechanism for special administrative regions to safeguard national security. We should firmly advance the process of peaceful reunification of the motherland, improve institutional arrangements and policy measures to promote cross-strait exchanges and cooperation, deepen cross-strait integration and development, and ensure the well-being of Taiwan compatriots, and unite Taiwan compatriots to oppose Taiwan independence and promote reunification.

12. Adhere to and improve the independent foreign policy of peace and promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind

We should improve the partys leadership system and mechanism for foreign affairs, improve the overall diplomatic layout, promote the construction of an open system of win-win cooperation, and actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system.

13. Adhere to and improve the supervision system of the party and the state, and strengthen the restriction and supervision over the operation of power

We must improve the supervision system of unified leadership, comprehensive coverage, authority and efficiency of the party, enhance the seriousness, coordination and effectiveness of supervision, form a power operation mechanism with scientific decision-making, resolute implementation and strong supervision, build an integrated system and mechanism to promote the system and mechanism that dare not corrupt, cannot corrupt and do not want to corrupt, and ensure that the power given by the party and the people is always used to seek happiness for the people.

In addition to the above contents, the plenary session also stressed that Party committees and governments at all levels and leading cadres at all levels should earnestly strengthen the awareness of the system, take the lead in maintaining the authority of the system, set an example in the implementation of the system, and drive the whole Party and society to consciously respect the system, strictly implement the system, and resolutely maintain the system.