Re exploration of national pavilions: the main structure of 64 national pavilions has been basically completed

 Re exploration of national pavilions: the main structure of 64 national pavilions has been basically completed

At 8:00 p.m. on November 1, the National Pavilion of the second China International Import Expo (5.2) was still illuminated. Liberation Daily u00b7 Shangguan news once again has an exclusive exploration. With the completion of the exhibition arrangement, the main structure of most booths of 64 countries and 3 international organizations in the national pavilion has been built and the atmosphere arrangement is being completed.

The construction safety of the National Pavilion comes first

Some to the left, some more. Yes! Here it is, wipe it quickly! At the Salvadoran Pavilion of the National Pavilion, four construction workers spent half a day in front of the ceiling lights of the pavilion, only to find a slightly stained area. After finding the target, the two quickly boarded the expansion frame, and the other two commanded on the ground. After some wiping, the ceiling light was as bright as new.

Among them, Mr. Wu, the conductor, is one of the principals of the service providers of the exhibition stands in El Salvador, and his team participates in the construction of the exhibition stands of the national pavilions in El Salvador and Maldives. The requirements of the National Pavilion stand are very strict, and many details are very important. He told reporters that the Salvadoran pavilion was built earlier in the National Pavilion. In fact, the impact of dust falling from these ceiling lamps is not great, but the exhibitor noticed it in time, so lets deal with it quickly.

Not only in terms of details, but also in terms of the safety of national pavilions. At the construction site of the National Pavilion, the Liberation Daily and Shangguan news found that the construction personnel had to go through certificate verification and safety inspection, and the construction materials were all checked one by one. Construction safety is absolutely the first priority. Mr. Wu told Liberation Daily Shangguan news.

Coconut Beach, green football Exhibition style of National Pavilion

In addition to the guest of honor national exhibition stand, the exhibition stands of other participating countries are also wonderful. In terms of modeling, we have unique creativity, especially in terms of cultural display.

For example, the design inspiration of the national exhibition stand in Georgia comes from the traditional architecture of Georgia, presenting a unique architectural style.

The design of the national exhibition stand in Lebanon is based on the Phoenician ship sailing on the sea passing through the famous Pigeon rock in Lebanon. With pigeon rock as the main background and Phoenician ship as the main body, it highlights the history of Lebanon and introduces the tourism industry. Decorate with a large area of green grass, display the featured products in three small scenes: olive oil, red wine and soap technology, and then decorate with cedar. The whole booth creates a primitive, natural and comfortable feeling.

The main body of the Belarusian National Pavilion is a diamond, a miniature Belarusian National Library, symbolizing knowledge and innovative technology. Inside the diamond, famous Belarusian artists will perform opera.

Exotic customs are also the characteristics of many national booths.

Maldives exhibition stand is like a resort with private beach; Ecuador also brings Seagull and coconut forest to the exhibition hall; Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea joint exhibition stand - Pacific island country exhibition stand is an island style, with blue ocean as the design inspiration, implying 21st century Maritime Silk Road. The combination of the raised sail and the surge of sea water represents the integration of the open ocean civilization and the eastern and Western cultures, and the exhibition hall displays the diversity of different cultures of each island.

The Liberation Daily Shangguan news also found that the football elements in the national pavilion are also rich. Portugal, Argentina, Croatia, etc. have all moved the football field to the venue to facilitate visitors to take photos and punch in cards, which may become the online Red booth. Whats more interesting is that the Spanish national exhibition stand of football power also has a whole football uniform wall, in which famous teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, and the Spaniard where Wu Lei works are also displayed.